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PostSubject: Bars and Skills   Bars and Skills EmptyThu Oct 17, 2013 11:11 am

Below your avatar in the mini-profile, you'll see some red bars. These bars are important to take note of, as they are your character's skills, health and devotion to the pack. They determine how hard your character hits when fighting, what they can hunt and if they can take it down, and how good they are at healing and using herbs as a medic. Health is how much "life" you have, if it gets low your character might die! It's a good idea to keep an eye on it, or see a healer to raise it. Devotion is your character's loyalty to the pack, the higher it is, the more things you can do in the RP and the more characters you can own and play as. The more red inside of them, the fuller they are, the more black in it, the lower they are. For an in-depth description of what these bars do, look below.

Bars and Skills Health10
The first and the most important of all the bars. Health determines whether your character lives or dies. If it is low, you can't do as much in the RP such as hunting or fighting, and your character is at risk of dying. If it is high, your character is perfectly healthy without much risk, and they can do pretty much whatever they want. To raise your Health, you can either have your character eat or visit a local Shaman. Eating only raises your health by 5 Health Points per feeding, while being healed is determined by how many Skill Points the healer has in their Medical Skill. See more about Medical Skill below.

Bars and Skills Devote10
Devotion is the pack's trust in you, and likewise, your loyalty to them. It is raised by being active, coming on everyday and posting at least once or twice each week in the RP and somewhere else on the site. It can also be raised by participating in contests, being helpful and welcoming, and friendly on the chat. It will be lowered by breaking rules, getting warnings, becoming inactive and being aggressive to other members out of RP.
At 50 Devotion, you can have a second character should you choose, if you have a total of 70 Devotion and if are very active on both characters, you may have a third character if you ask. At 100 Denotation you will be rewarded chat-mod powers and are also eligible for become a global moderator or more, should the administrators be looking for one.
Having high Devotion also has other perks, in and out of RP - the more you have, the more likely you shall receive a promotion.

Bars and Skills Combat10
Moving onto skills, we have Combat. Probably the most important of the skills, Combat determines how hard your character hits when attacking, therefore the more Damage Points you score, and the more Health Points you take away from your opponent, should they fail to dodge.
Each 10 points in this skill will deal 2 damage when attacking; for example, a wolf with 20 Skill Points in Combat will deal 4 damage, while a wolf with 70 Combat will deal 14 damage if they are successful.
This skill is raised when you score Skill Points from missions, contests and generally practising the skill.

Bars and Skills Hunthu10
Hunting is basically how good your character is at hunting. It determines what creatures they can hunt, if they can take them down, and how much damage they do when they attack.
When hunting with a team, all of the participants' Hunting Skill will be totalled so they can take down a larger creature, although when attacking they will only hit how much their Hunting would allow, but with 5+ more damage.
Like with Combat, the more Hunting Skill you have the more damage you will do to your prey: Every 10 Skill points you have, you will deal 1 damage, thus, a wolf with 50 Hunting Skill will do 5 damage when they bite the prey.
Winning Skill Points and adding them into Hunting will raise the skill, but you can also earn them from simply hunting, fishing and completing missions relating to those activities.

Bars and Skills Medmed10
Medical is how many Health Points you give to your patients each time you attend to them in the RP. It also determines what techniques your character can use, and also what poultices and special potions they can make.
Like with the other skills, the more Skill Points, the better. If you have a total of 10 Medical Skill, you will give 5 Health Points to the character your are healing. As such, a wolf with 80 Skill Points in Medical will restore 40 Health, while a wolf with only 30 Medical will restore 15 Health.
Raising this skill will require you to preform it, complete missions relating to it, or by adding Skill Point rewards to it.

This guide was written by Captain Rora and is (©) copyrighted to it's creator. Do not recreate or copy.

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Bars and Skills
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