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How To Use Dice
First off, you click the "+" next to the words "Actions" underneath you post. Once that is done, click on the scroll list to choose your dice, such as shown here and here. After writing your post and choosing your dice and how many dice you want, press "send" and your post will show up, along with a NPC post that will show an image that is the outcome of your dice. It should look something like [url=http://]this[/url]. You can now wait for other members to reply, or react to how things turned out.

Karma is used for a number of things, such as determining the outcome of something with positive and negative outcomes, such as dodging an attack. An Elite will most likely let you know when you should use it, should you not know already.
Good Karma : You have managed to dodge or you have gotten the more positive outcome.
Bad Karma : You have failed to dodge or you have gotten the negative outcome.

Small Game & Fish
This die is used when hunting rodents, birds, amphibians, fish and other small game. It only has three different sides, one for when you catch it, one for when it gets away, and another for when it's still getting away.
It's getting away! : You are still in pursuit of your prey.
You caught it! : You have caught your fish, rodent, bird or toad and you may now eat it.
It got away... : Your hunt has failed and you cannot retry for 3 posts

These dice are used for hunting large game, such as deer, bison, boar, or another ungulates. There are two stages of hunting - The Chase, and The Take-Down - therefore, we need two different dice.
The chase is the first stage, when the beast is still running away. You can easily take down your prey during this stage, if you can keep up. During this stage, you also have the chance of loosing track of it, or it may simply get away or be too fast for you to kill.
The second stage is when the beast turns and fights, standing it's ground. In this stage, you have the risk of being injured by your own prey, but also the chance that it could let down it's guard, therefore letting you knock it over or grab it by the throat and kill it early rather than getting it to bleed to death like normal.
You may attack it : You've caught up and you may bite your prey.
It's getting away! : You have fallen behind and cannot attack.
You cannot continue : You cannot continue because you have fallen too far behind, have run out of stamina or even have tripped over and sprained your paw.
The beast turns around and faces you : This is one of the signals for everyone to transition into the next stage. Your prey is fighting back and is no longer running.
You have it cornered! : This is one of the signals for everyone to transition into the next stage. You and your hunting party have managed to surround or corner your prey so it will no longer run.
You have lost track of the beast! : Your prey has evaded the party somehow and it is no longer in sight, therefore you must track it down again. Roll Karma to see if you can relocate it.
The hunt failed : Your prey has gotten away and the hunting party cannot continue or retry for another 5 posts.
You may attack it : You have snuck behind it's guard and you can bite your prey.
You cannot attack : Your prey is on guard and there is no way to get at it easily nor safely.
The beast attacks you : Your prey is about to harm you. Roll Karma to dodge.
You can take it down : You see an opening, you can knock over your prey and end the hunt early. Roll Karma.
You cannot continue : You have been wounded too bad to continue with your hunting team.

Adventuring is a very different dice, that normally requires Karma to work with it. Adventuring decides where you are going, what you get, and if you are being attacked. It is not used normally in RP, instead is reserved for special places called Tombs. Tombs aren't always necessarily tombs, instead, they could be temples, caves or ancient ruins. Tombs are far away from our normal territory, only the brave or foolish dare enter them. Adventuring in Tombs is dangerous, as your character may not come out alive, although they will be rewarded great prizes just for being in one.
This die will conjure up traps, treasure and enemies alike that your character will run into in a Tomb. It is also your only way out...
All's well : Everything seems safe for the moment, and there is nothing much to worry about except what's ahead. A description of the type of trap can be found on the actual dice.
It's a trap! : You have gotten caught in a trap of some sort. Roll Karma to get out of it. Bad Karma will result in barely getting out, normally with an injury.
You find treasure! : You have stumbled across some items of use or great value. Wait for an Elite to post to see what you have received: Leave what you don't want.
There's something ahead! : There is something ahead that you must fight, solve or survive. Wait for an Elite to post to see what it is.
You find the exit : You see the exit, and you have the choice to leave or continue to explore.

This guide was written by Captain Rora and is (©) copyrighted to it's creator. Do not recreate or copy.

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