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-Aurora, Founder & Dominant Female

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PostSubject: How To Become An Official Member   How To Become An Official Member EmptyTue Oct 22, 2013 5:53 am

Joining The Site And RP:
Hello, Guest, interested in the pack? Want to know how to join? Well, although it may seem complicated and tedious, the reward is well worth it and it won't take too long for the determined. Below you will learn of the steps in which to complete to be able to register and join the RP.

  • Post a application here or on our WolfQuest Thread and register on our site with your character's name as your username
  • Wait until you are accepted by an Elite, Administrator or Moderator and your account activated, if not fix your application so it satisfies them
  • Once you are activated and logged into the site, read your welcoming PM that will include some instructions and tips to getting started including the very basics
  • Once you have the basics down, don't forget to read through all our rules and guides! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask someone.
  • Next, you must post the essentials in a biography about your character
  • Wait for an Elite, Administrator or Moderator to accept it before you jump into the RP and start your story

Officially Becoming A Member:
Once you have actually joined the RP and site and your character has entered the territory, you will start thinking about joining to pack and becoming an Official Member. To do that, your character must have actually met the pack and a couple of it's members. They must have an Elite's approval before they can actually become one with the pack and preform The Ordinance. The Ordinance is a sort of welcoming ritual to officially mark you as a full member instead of just a guest as well as a ceremony to put you into your rank. You can tell the difference between a full member and someone who isn't by the coloured names; grey, white and bright red names are not actual members just yet and have not done The Ordinance.  But, before you preform The Ordinance, you must have a few requirements:

  • Have met at least one Elite or Rank Leader
  • Have met at least two other Official Members
  • Have 15 legitimate RP posts
  • Be considered "active"
  • Have asked to join the pack in the RP
  • Have an accepted and completed biography of your character
  • Have decided what Subordinate rank you would like

The Ordinance:
Once you have the required qualifications, a Dominant will summon you and as many of the pack they can muster to the den, whereupon they will ask you to join them upon the boulders that shelter the den. Upon those rocks they will ask you to crouch, and they shall lay their paws upon your shoulders and  recite "Guest, you stand upon our our land, where we spend winter after winter, summer after summer. I ask you to make this your home as well and join our family. Should you accept, I ask of you the rank you wish to take, joining your fellows of that duty. Should you accept, I ask of you your loyalty to this pack, it's members and territory. Should you accept, I ask you to never betray us or turn on us, although you are welcome to leave at anytime. Should you accept, I hope that you find what you are looking for here, with us. So now I ask you now, with all standing here as witness, do you accept?" After proclaiming your rank, the spectators shall howl as one and the Dominant shall let you rise and join them. After that, you will be expected to seek out your fellows in duty and/or the leader of your rank. They shall lay down the rules of duty and how you are to do your job. Then they shall give you your first assignment or "test" - should you complete it correctly, you will be given your coloured name and can start your lifetime among the pack.

This guide was written by Captain Rora and is (©) copyrighted to it's creator. Do not recreate or copy.

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How To Become An Official Member
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