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I hope you enjoy your time here!

-Aurora, Founder & Dominant Female

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PostSubject: ➹☀The United Two★➹    ➹☀The United Two★➹  EmptyFri Jun 20, 2014 5:25 pm

➹Welcome to the United Two➹
I am Kassum, the Chief of the Asteri Tribe. The united two are two sister tribes discovered long ago, I was taught their ways by the remaining elders: Solstice, Lunar, and Ember. Once teaching me the ways of their former clans, they peacefully passed on. However it still seems like they are present today. The sister tribes are the Asteri and the Ilios, meaning Star and Sun in Greek. Thought similar, the tribes are also very different.

Asteri Tribe➹
The Asteri Tribe, they are full of wisdom and peace. Though still highly powerful, they choose to have violence be a last resort. Only fighting if it means protecting their loved ones, while the Ilios are a bit more rambunctious. The Asteri wolves are fast learners, often known for using their wits instead of force to handle their situations. They are highly curious and adventurous, they are known for traveling, especially late at night. These wolves love the land when lit by the night stars, it's as if the darker it gets, the more awake they may be.

Ilios Tribe➹
The Ilios Tribe, often very fast and active. They don't seem that curious of anything, simply because they are more interested in rough housing with one another. They awake and start their day when the sun starts to rise, like the Asteri with the stars, the Ilios don't hesitate to jump into action when the sun reveals itself. They're a bit more lazy when it comes to travel, they spend all their energy wrestling with one another. They are known for their athleticism, and are often divine falconers and rangers from a young age.

➹ Where will your fate lead you?➹

Now before you decided to look any further, please read through the basic site rules.
-Respect. Be respectful to all members, all the way from Omega up to Alpha. Each and every wolf has their place, and without them the clan would crumble.
-No Discomfort. Do not harass anyone here, if they are doing something wrong; simply correct them or inform a Tribal Leader
-No TMI. Please keep this strictly RP, only speak of your wolves. Do not give any information of who you really are.
-Average Wolf. No power playing whatsoever, each wolf must have at least three weaknesses.
-Active. Make sure you stay active, if you are not you shall be demoted to a pack friend
-Grammar. Please use proper grammar so other members can understand you. Spelling and punctuation are important.
-Realistic. Keep it real, no wings or anything. Remember all members are REAL wolves, nothing more.
I allow unique colored eyes such as violet, red, and orange. But I prefer your pelt be realistic.

-Single Post. Do not double post anywhere on this site or on the WQ thread!
-Sign Up. You must sign up on the site since that's where all of our Role-Playing takes place

What makes us different?➹
The united tribes consists of two clans, allowing you to choose which ever best fits your canine's personality and view. When you become a full member, we host the Marking Ceremony. The Marking Ceremony is simply a gathering of the clans, all of the Tribal leaders will congratulate you on your full membership and whichever clan you are now in, its current chief will paint your fur with the untied symbol of the clans. There are also Skill Ceremonies, whether you are a full member or not, you are able to achieve a Skill Ceremony. Skill Ceremonies are held when a wolf proves to go above and beyond in a certain skill, you will be title with one of the following: Speed of the Deer, Strength of the Bear, Wisdom of the Owl, Wit of the Fox, Silence of the Hare, Bravery of the Eagle, or Leadership of the Wolf. You cannot simply gloat about yourself, show off, and expect a Skill ceremony. You are given one when you don't mean to show yourself off, you will be observed each day and if your Chief notices you excel in one skill, you may earn a Skill Ceremony, and extra points to ration among your skill bars.

Friends, Pack allies, and Rivals are able to join the RP! No, not like other sites where they give you your own area, you get to be with the pack! If you are a pack friend or ally, you are able to register on the site and join our main Role-play. Though there are rules! You must meet the tribal leaders, if not the clan may not trust you and attack! We don't need that to happen. Eventually the Chief will offer you a place in the pack, if you do not have time to join, make a post having your wolf decline the offer. Or if you no longer have time to role-play, do not just vanish without a trace. Please post, have your wolf leave the territory and say that you are staying in a vacant den outside of our land, the Chief will say you are welcome back anytime you wish! Just please post when you leave. For Rivals, I suggest you stay in the out lands, it's for your own safety, otherwise the clans may attack.

Pack Site: http://the-united-two.forumotion.com/
Creation Date: 7 May 2014
Opening Date: 19 May 2014
Pack Colors: #BFBF80 ➹ #cccccc ➹ #0080FF ➹
Currency: Arrowheads
Pack Motto: N/A
Population: 8
Male: 4
Female: 4
Allies: 0
Rivals: 0
Pack Friends: 1

The Chiefs are the dominants of the two tribes, they are known for harboring wisdom, caring personalities, being proud, protective, and of course their leadership. They run their tribe the best they can, doing all in their power to keep all members happy, safe, sheltered, and well fed. They train the apprentices if there isn't a ranked member in the young wolves' choice. They also host the skill and marking ceremonies.

This is the beta of the clan, the second in command. The Chiefs and tribes hold a type of election if one of the wolves show leadership skills, and vote to see if the Vita will be chosen. A Chief takes consideration how the Tribe will be affected when a wolf is promoted, if the other members will truly appreciate their new higher ranked member. This rank requires wolves who are similar to Chiefs, they do all they can to make sure the tribes are in tact. However they still follow what their dominants say.

The Legend rank is our form of elders, they are wise and have experienced much throughout their life time. They are known for entertaining young, or even adult wolves, with their enchanting tails. They give advice to all, even the Chiefs. They're respected highly and sometimes participate in small hunts or paroling if they're feeling up to it.

The Tribe Prophecies are the heir to the Chief or Vita roles, they are not treated any differently from the other young. They just excel in their generosity and wisdom for such a young age. And the Tribal leaders are well aware that they will surely not live forever.

Apaches are our proud warriors, they have broad, muscle filled frames. They don't often rely on their wit to get the job done, they're often adventurous and rambunctious as pups, making it clear that they will almost always choose the Apache rank.

Rangers are the scouts and guards, they scope out the land and are often born from the Asteri tribe, known for traveling far from the den and territory even. The have heightened senses and loud powerful barking-howls that can be heard all over the lands, so they're able to alert the Apaches.

This is our spy rank, sly figured canines that are quick on their paws. They love blending into the shadows and stalking their canine companions. They are often a type of assistant to the Chiefs by sneaking off into the other tribe land and sending messages to the the other spies from the opposite clan. They are knowledgeable of all that is going on. If there are new Arrows in the other tribe, a new rank leader, maybe a ceremony is to be held. The Enigmas are on top of it all.

The falconer title is given to our divine hunters. Equally gifted with wisdom and physical strength, able to devise a plan and seconds later put it into action. Without them, the tribes would surly starve and be no more, this is a very important rank.

These wolves are a type of helper and are useful to each and every rank, just like shamans, they are knowledgeable of herbs, bugs, and plants. Knowing which are helpful and which are harmful, they gather things the Shaman needs to perform their healing. They also gather things like bowl like leaves to catch rain and keep water near the den, or are well known for seeking out carcasses from elder or sick prey.
The shamans are our healers, tending to all animals in the tribal lands, member or not, wolf or bear, any thing that we do not intend to eat. They are wise, kind, and caring. Well known by both tribes and respected highly for their gifted practice.

Chaperones are the pup sitters, they help teach young arrows to stay near the den when their family is out fulfilling their duties. They are kind, patient, and love to socialize with young wolves instead of older ones.

Arrows are our young wolves, less than a year of age. The Arrow meaning they can be pointed in any direction they chose, and hopefully will hit the right target. As a young canine, they may admire a specific role, some pups chose their desired rank from a very young age.

These are our yearlings, well on their way to being full fledged members of one of our tribes, usually around the one year mark, if they are born into Asteri, they may choose to switch tribes, or vice versa. They now devote their days to learning all they can about their new rank they are earning.

Dakota is our rank for newcomers, "Dakota" means friend, meaning all newcomers are often friendly to the tribes considering their goals is often to join them. You will be placed here until you prove to the clan leaders that you devoted to being a full member.

A rank you do NOT want, this is given to wolves who break laws, start unnecessary fights, or purposely try to upset other members. This is our Omega position, once located here, you will be looked down upon. Never being able to gain a leadership role, or be in the tribal leaders.

Pack Friend➹
Pack Friends may pop into the RP and interact with the clans in their land. They are usually well known by at least the tribal leaders so they know they are no threat, though if you do enter the Roleplay, even for a small amount of time, you must RP your way out. Such as saying you are off to travel once more, but can stick around in the outlands if you wish to visit once more.
[ - 0//Unlimited ]
[ - 1//Unlimited ]
|| Jera || || selin123 ||

Same with the rivals as pack friends and Allies, they may join our RP but MUST Roleplay their way out, however I suggest the rivals stay in the unclaimed lands! The tribes may attack if they sense that you are not a friend.
[Pack- Leader(s)- Thread- Site]

Allies are always welcomed into our lands, they may register and join in our fun. Please role-play your charater out of the territory if you are done in the role-play.
[Pack- Leader(s)- Thread- Site]

Our Goals➹
5 Members
10 Members
15 Members
20+ Members

5 Pack Friends
10 Pack Friends
15+ Pack Friends
5 Allies
10+ Allies

Claim a prophecy
Claim all Prophecies
Elect Vita
Elect all Tribal Leaders
Establish a leader of a rank
Establish all rank leaders
Have one wolf in all ranks (Except Outcast)



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