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 RP Challenge and Goals!

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Dominant Female

Blood Drops : 1805

Gender : Female

RP Challenge and Goals! Empty
PostSubject: RP Challenge and Goals!   RP Challenge and Goals! EmptyTue Sep 16, 2014 10:08 am

WolfSpeak Challenge:

In this challenge you must create a stereotypical wolf (example: Snow, pure white fur with icy blue eyes) and complete goals. While completing those goals, you must RP badly, using nothing but WOLFSPEAK! (If you don't know what WolfSpeak is, look here!) In other words, you are going back to the illiterate days. Try to move up the rank system to as high as you can get, befriend as many others you can, find a mate, and raise pups! Get as many points as you can! If you are playing this challenge with another person, try and beat them in points! :Bone:

-Become a member (+10 points)
-Become head of rank (+20 points)
-Become Beta (+50 points)
-Become head of Betas (+60 points)
-Become Alpha (+100 points)
-Become Moderator (+50 points) *Must be EARNED
-Become Administrator (+200 points) *Must be EARNED
-Be demoted (-100 points)

-Break a rule (-10 points)
-Be banned (-50 points)
-Be banished (-100 points)
-Be killed (-200 points)

-Meet someone new (+10 points)
-Befriend someone (+10 points)
-Attract a crush (+30 points)
-Find a mate (+50 points)
-Have pups (+50 per pup)
-Raise pups to adulthood (+100 per pup)
-A pup dies (-50 points)
-Mate dies (-100 points)

-Kill someone (+100 points)
-Win a fight (+50 points)
-Win a hunt (+50 points)

-300 words+ post (+50 points)

The Roleplayer Challenge:

In this challenge, you complete all the things you haven't done as a roleplayer. Never found a mate in a RP? Do so now! You get 100 points for everything you haven't done before that you complete when you take this challenge. The things that you haven't done before don't count.

-Had earned Member of the Month
-Had a crush
-Found a mate
-Had pups
-Raised pups to adulthood
-Divorced mate
-Died of old age
-Was killed in battle/murder
-Died of sickness
-Played character from birth to death (from old age)
-Became a mate of an Alpha
-Climbed the rank system all the way to Alpha *Must be EARNED
-Climbed the rank system to Beta *Must be EARNED
-Climbed the rank system to Head of Rank *Must be EARNED
-Played as a Healer
-Played as a Nanny
-Played as a Warrior
-Played as a Scout
-Played as a Hunter
-Played as a Elder
-Played as a Pup
-Played as a Omega
-Played as a Lone Wolf
-Played as a Female
-Played as a Male

Duo Danger Challenge:
In this challenge you and a friend create characters, but then swap them before joining a pack together. The two must become either mates, best friends or enemies (?). The goal of this challenge is to work together (or against) to accomplish several goals, such as becoming a high rank, finding a mate, having pups, or fighting a said amount of wolves and winning: You choose the goal, but be sure to accomplish it! An example of this challenge is finding a mate, but fighting over the same wolf to get their attention and love, or when working together, seeing who can be the better/worst parent.

» ▪▫▪▫▪▫▪ ₪ ▪▫▪▫▪▫▪ «

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'He walked away from the cretin.'
- - - - - - - - - - - -- Chaos, 2013

'I have to earn back my octopus, though.'
- - - - - - - - - - - -- Lexi, 2017

All credit for original photography go to those good folks at Dawnthieves.
Rock on, guys.

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Dominant Female

Blood Drops : 1805

Gender : Female

RP Challenge and Goals! Empty
PostSubject: The Dice Challenge   RP Challenge and Goals! EmptyTue Nov 18, 2014 5:29 am

Use a dice or randomiser like this one to determine what you get for a character that you most likely couldn't have made yourself. All the patterns, colours [including eye colours] are pretty much realistic, although you can change them to whatever you want.

There are several different layers for appearance and personality for diversity. You can name your character whatever you want, although it can also be fun to roll a dice to determine what letter it should start off with for a truly randomised creation.

Some of the more common pelt colours will have more than one number assigned to them, so that getting a rare eye or pelt colour can be even more exciting to have gotten. The pups of your character can be any combination of the parents' genetics as well as have a few features of their ancestors up to 3 generations away, if they have any. Litter numbers and pup genders must be randomised.

When playing the character, all major choices are decided via roll of the dice; even their mate and children, as mentioned above. Although this is optional, it is the actual goal of this challenge. Try to complete as much as you can while playing this character.



1: Male
2: Female

1: Juvenile :: Under 24 months
2: Adult :: Between 24 months to 6 years
3: Elder :: Above 6 years

1/2: Normal :: Left pack at adulthood to find own life
3/4: Adventurer :: Left family to explore world
5: Orphan :: Abandoned and raised by friends or relatives
6: Turmoil :: Left pack during or after a great war or disaster
7: Runt :: Was least liked or weakest or litter, left early and raised themselves
8: Retired :: Was leader of own pack or an heir, left deciding it was not the life for them
9: Loved and Lost :: Found mate and was betrayed or widowed
10: Kidnapped :: Was stolen as a pup and raised by strangers

1: Strength
2: Speed
3: Endurance
4: Agility
5: Intelligence



1: Large :: Bulky or muscled
2: Fat :: Plump and unfit
3: Average :: Normally proportioned
4: Lithe :: Skinny or frail
5: Stout :: Compact or small

1: Tall
2: Average
3: Short

Fur Length:
1: Long
2: Short
3: Medium

Fur Texture:
1: Rough
2: Fluffy
3: Silky
4: Messy
5: Soft

Eye Colour:
1/14: Light Brown
2/15: Dark Brown
3/16: Orange
4/17: Amber
5/18: Yellow
6/19: Pueblo
7/20: White
8/21: Silver-Grey
9/22: Dark Grey
10/23: Pale Gold
11: Heterochromia Iridum / Brown and Grey
12: Blue
13: Green

Fur Colour:
1/14: Markings Mantel Base Underbelly
2/15: Markings Mantel Base Underbelly
3/16: Markings Mantel Base Underbelly
4/17/28: Markings Mantel Base Underbelly
5/18: Markings Mantel Base Underbelly
6/19/29: Markings Mantel Base Underbelly
7/20/30: Markings Mantel Base Underbelly
8/21: Markings Mantel Base Underbelly
9/22: Markings Mantel Base Underbelly
10/23/31: Markings Mantel Base Underbelly
11/24/32: Markings Mantel Base Underbelly
12/25/33: Markings Mantel Base Underbelly
13/26/34: Markings Mantel Base Underbelly
14/27/35: Markings Mantel Base Underbelly
15: Markings Mantel Base Underbelly Albinism Gene

Underbelly Type:
1: One
2: Two
3: Three
4: Four
5: Five

Mantel Type:
1: One
2: Two
3: Three
4: Four
5: Five

Marking Type:
1: One
2: Two
3: Three
4: Four
5: Five
6: Six
7: Seven
8: Eight
9: Nine
10: Ten



Traits 1:
1: Courageous
2: Affectionate
3: Practical
4: Understanding
5: Honest
6: Creative
7: Calm
8: Disciplined
9: Adaptable
10: Knowledgable

Traits 2:
1: Lazy
2: Insane
3: Aggressive
4: Arrogant
5: Clueless
6: Nervous
7: Gullible
8: Impatient
9: Greedy
10: Narrow-Minded

Traits 3:
1: Adventurous
2: Loyal
3: Determined
4: Casanova
5: Generous
6: Serious
7: Goofy
8: Modest
9: Outgoing
10: Ambitious
11: Protective
12: Careless
13: Resourceful
14: Independent
15: Reliable
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RP Challenge and Goals!
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