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 Creating a Character

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PostSubject: Creating a Character   Creating a Character EmptyFri Jun 12, 2015 7:42 am

Your character's name is a big part of their identity. It is suggested that you name your character last, so their name is all the more fitting, although you can name them pretty much anything you want. Just remember to stay appropriate!

Your character's species can have a big impact on how the look, where they come from and even in some cases, how they act towards others. There are several different canids you can choose from to be your character (you can find a list of them here) although the Grey Wolf is highly recommended.

Personalty is what makes your character behave the way they behave, have character and generally be interesting during role play. They could be a happy, bubbly character but with an issue of anxiety, or they could be a flirtatious casanova with a problem with commitment. Maybe even they have gone senile, crazy, or perhaps they are seriously aggressive and protective? A personality makes your character fun to play as, so don't forget to put a little thought into how they will react to others and what their traits will be.

Moving onto appearance. Your character can have pretty much any markings in the world, although markings based off another mammal (such as dogs and other canids, cats, even zebras) are strongly suggested when starting off. As such, pretty much any colour found on a pelted animal is allowed. A selection of brown, tan, grey, white, cream, black, cinnamon, burgundy and russet as well as even dark shades of blue-grey are available for markings on your character's fur. Unrealistic colours such as green, bright blue, purple, pink and neon red are not allowed for fur colours, although literally any colour can be used for eye colours, except black that is.
Horns, wings, multiple  tails, other growths and changing eyes are not permitted, although you can buy accessories at the Market if you have enough Blood Drops.
Below, you shall see two examples of a realistic, unique character and another of an unrealistic character that is not allowed.

Every character should have a backstory, a previous life before joining the pack (unless they were born in it, that is)! This is one of the things that affect role play the most and even how your character acts around others. So how do you write a good past for your character? Simple, give them something interesting and different. Perhaps they were involved in a war for their home territory? Maybe they were separated from their parents from a young age and raised by a totally different family?

A past doesn't have to be dark, sad and gory, nor long and action-packed to be good. Your characters doesn't have to be a huge hero that saved the world, nor the dark villain that killed their entire family. In fact, the more peaceful ones can make the most interesting. Your character could've been grown up perfectly normally and dispersed only to have been taken from their homeland and transported to repopulate a new area. They could've left their home and ventured far to places no other wolf had seen before: The possibilities are endless!

So, you have a general clue as to what your character is going to be like? Brilliant, now you can write a biography! A biography give others a general idea of what your character is like, and is a reference for you in case you forgot something about them or a small detail even. It normally lists their name, gender, current age and rank, a description of their personality and appearance (and/or a picture reference), a summary of their history and sometimes a few extra bits and pieces that aren't necessary. An accepted biography is required before you start role play.
Look below for the  bare template for biographies. All fields must be filled. A coded template can be found when you post a new topic in the Waiting Board with more (optional) fields and descriptions of those fields. It is strongly suggested using that version of template, since this one is just to show what you must have in your biography.

Combat Skill:
Hunting Skill:
Medical Skill:

Markings and Fur Colour:
Eye Colour:
Scars and Injuries:



So, how do you fill that all out? It's relatively simple, but it may be a little hard to understand for first-timers, so look below for a quick look over the fields and what they mean.

  • Name: The name or title of your character, what they are known as.
  • Gender: The gender of you character, male or female.
  • Age: How old your character is. Two years and above is considered adult, see more about canid ageing here.
  • Species: What animal your character is. See more about the available species to play as here.
  • Rank: What rank your character currently is.

  • Combat Skill: One of the skills. Combat determines how hard you hit during battle. 110 Skill Points must be divided throughout the skills. To see more about the skills, look here.
  • Hunting Skill: One of the skills. Hunting determines what you can hunt and if you can take it down. 110 Skill Points must be divided throughout the skills. To see more about the skills, look here.
  • Medical Skill: One of the skills. Medical determines how good a medic you are and if they can heal a injury. 110 Skill Points must be divided throughout the skills. To see more about the skills, look here.

  • Build: The general build of your character. Are they tall, fat, short, large, skinny, stout, or averagely proportioned?
  • Markings and Fur Colour: The noticeable marks and colours on your character's pelt.
  • Eye Colour:  Your character's eye colour.
  • Scars and Injuries: Any wounds your character has/had.

  • Personality: How your character acts and behaves around others. Are they a loner, a happy wolf or a coward?

  • History: Your character's life previously to finding the pack.

This guide was written by Captain Rora and is (©) copyrighted to it's creator. Do not recreate or copy.
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Creating a Character
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