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 It's Time For A Party!

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Dominant Female

Blood Drops : 1805

Gender : Female

PostSubject: It's Time For A Party!   Fri Jun 12, 2015 12:41 pm

Woooooooweeee, two years and into our third? Geeze guys, we've known each other for more than two years! This calls for celebration. -Rora flies out to buy Elvis costumes and wigs for everyone and whacks on a bunch of music and starts dancing-

I love you guys. <3

Simply post here saying Happy Anniversary to the pack and you will receive 100 Blood Drops just for doing so!

It's time to celebrate another year of our lives wasted here, together. Feel free to post massively long speeches or just random spam here.

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'He walked away from the cretin.'
- - - - - - - - - - - -- Chaos, 2013

'I have to earn back my octopus, though.'
- - - - - - - - - - - -- Lexi, 2017

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Blood Drops : 2076

Gender : Female

PostSubject: Re: It's Time For A Party!   Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:25 pm

-insert massively long speech here-

But srsly, public speaking isn't my strong suit. So prepare for a mini, not-so-great few words. cx

I'm glad to have been here for as long as I have(most sites I join die not long after); its been a blast and I'm sure we'll have just as much fun in the coming year(s). You guys are an awesome community and I can't imagine ever not being a part of DB.

You guys are great! =')

Happy Anniversary, DB!

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Blood Drops : 626

Gender : Male

PostSubject: Re: It's Time For A Party!   Fri Jun 12, 2015 11:38 pm

Two friggin years and we are still sticking to it, thats just incredible. I love you all and i believe that nothing can stop us now... Its time to take over the world. This was my first real pack and never thought to stick to it for so long. The RP might fall asleep here and then but we allways come back til we sleep again ;) Stay how you are, guys. You are the best :D


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Blood Drops : 650

Gender : Male

PostSubject: Re: It's Time For A Party!   Sat Jun 13, 2015 9:01 am

surprised we have survived. Gone through so much but still got quite a few of the originals with us and still all on point and looking fresh as ;)
Let's here it for another year of slow posts and Lexi winning every contest!

Nah, I kid I kid, hopefully we can get DBP up and charging again like in its fetus years <3

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PostSubject: Re: It's Time For A Party!   Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:50 pm

I've like just joined but I'm so glad this is still up and running! I've been stalking for a while!

Hopefully we can get the roleplay back!
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PostSubject: Re: It's Time For A Party!   

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It's Time For A Party!
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