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 /: L U P A :\

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PostSubject: /: L U P A :   Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:40 pm

Lupa [Loo-pa]



3 years

Canadian Grey Wolf


Distant Bloods Pack

This wolf is huge being the high of an average male wolf and towering over most females. She is packed with muscles being extremely strong but also helping to propel her forward, with ease. She is pure black with obsidian lips and a pale pink tongue. Her large head and muzzle contains huge strong teeth that are white with signs of high usage all over them. This muscle ppacked beast is always ready for a fight and highly dominant, although she is loyal to her leader. She always shows her dominance through body language. Lupa will ignore pain and hit back hard, getting into a fight with her is not a good idea. She has strong mouth muscles, perfect for latching onto her chosen fight and when she does hunt her chosen prey.

Fur Texture
Her fur is thick, perfect for living in cold, harsh conditions. Her fur does think down for summer, but still stays thick enough for the Canadian  temperatures.

Fur Colour
Pure black.

Eye Colour
Deep, dark brown.

Lupa has no particular markings due to being pure black.

Lupa has only got one tiny known scar that was pointed out by one of her opponents, the cause is unknown, this scar is actually large but only a small amount is visible.

She has many scars across her belly and lower chest from various fights that nobody knows about, most not even herself.

Dominant || Aggressive || Protective
Lupa is dominant although loyal at the same time; there is no doubting that she asserts dominance over her pack mates but she also knows there is a leader here. She is easily disliked and is not afraid of speaking up for what she believes in. You will see Lupa giving her input to the pack whenever it is asked for. She can be slightly inpatient and run into battles before the 'go' is given if she believes necessary. Lupa is not afraid to kill a wolf or engage in battle and will not back down, starting a fight with her is not a good idea and trying to get her to back down is also a bad idea. If anyone or anything challenges her or her friends Lupa will attack with no hesitation. Lupa will not back down from a fight until it is won.

Her voice is deep and aggressive whilst her howl is loud and will echo around the land.

Lupa was born into a large pack, her parents the leaders. She always seemed to play more rough and be larger than the others, often wrestling them down so she got the suckle first. At a young age this was sort of normal until she began to get stronger and stronger, eventually at the age of nine months she started becoming dangerous toward the rest of the pack, often starting fights and causing arguments. She then started disappearing for almost the whole day, often for weeks on end where during this time she would hunt and kill, attacking small rodents and larger prey along with smaller.predatory animals. After three months of this she had trained herself enough to disperse although she wasn't allowed to. In her strong want to leave she fought with her parents often and one day killed a fellow pack mate, resulting in her exile. Lupa was happy after this, training herself up for two years on a killing spree.

One day she lay down on the edge of a mountain just looking over the Canadian woodland and she thought about what it would be like in a pack, her distant past now only seemed like a moment away. Lupa then decided to search for a pack to which she found the Distant Bloods but the beast inside her will never disappear. She remains undefeated, still wanting to kill.

Pain resistance >> Lupa has learnt to resist pain, making her formidable on the battle field.
Strong >> She is strong, helping her fight and hit hard.
Intelligent >> She is intelligent, having many strategies and tricks that could bring victory around quickly.
Stealth >> Lupa blends in well at night and during day in undergrowth.

Rough >> Its difficult to make friends when you play to rough for others.
Anger Management >> Lupa's anger comes out quickly and she has issues controlling it.
Rushing Into Things >> Lupa can rush into things, possibly resulting in her downfall. She needs to learn to slow down with things.

Fighting, Killing, Exploring, Protecting, Loyalty, Snow, Forests

Disrespectful Wolves, Disloyalty.

Lupa wishes to grow to higher ranking, gain friends and possibly a mate.

Having to reveal her past to others.

Combat Skill

Hunting Skill

Medical Skill




Skye || Sister || Deceased
Xavier || Brother ||[ Alive

Yahto || Father || Unknown
Tala || Mother || Alive

None were ever spoken of by the pack.

Aunts and Uncles
None that were ever spoken of.


Best friend


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PostSubject: Re: /: L U P A :\   Thu Jul 30, 2015 10:41 am

I suggest adding another weakness - a "fatal flaw" if you will - to make your character more balanced out rather than overpowered; perhaps a physical one such as stealth/speed/strength/stamina or a handicap, such as lacking in a particular sense, like hearing or smell.  Even a phobia [hydrophobia, the fear of water, is a good place to start] will do.

I also note that there are a lot of similarities in this biography and older biographies on this site [Fenrir, Chaos, Aurora, etc.], such as in Lupa's personality, build, etc. If the owners of these biographies ask you to change something I beg of you to do so.

However, you may now join the RP. I suggest starting in Owl's Roost as it is most active currently.

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PostSubject: Re: /: L U P A :\   Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:48 pm

I didn't realise there were similarities! I'm also thinking hard about the other weakness'! I just didn't have time to edit it yet as I'm out still, I'll try add those when I get home.

Edit- I've added another weakness, thinking of another. I'll probably discover them during roleplay.
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PostSubject: Re: /: L U P A :\   

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/: L U P A :\
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