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 A Little Drop Of Poison | CONTEST

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Who's Recipe Did You Like Best? [1 Vote]
Aunty Aurora's Potion of Alluring
 50% [ 1 ]
Lexi's Elixir of Desire
 50% [ 1 ]
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PostSubject: A Little Drop Of Poison | CONTEST   Sun Feb 14, 2016 4:40 am

A Little Drop Of Poison 2016
I n a c t i v e

Springtime is approaching, and love is totally in the air. /sarcasm
Okay, maybe you'll need a little help. So this Valentine's Day you shall be brewing up a fresh batch of Love Potion No 8.9. The only thing is that you can't find that Woman's Weekly magazine with the recipe in it, so it looks like you're going to have to improvise.

Create a recipe for Love Potion. Your entry must include: At least 5 different ingredients and their 'measurements' [be creative c;], instructions/method, and usage.  Post it down below!

At the end of the month a poll will be put up for members to vote for their favourite Love Potion recipe. Members may vote for two different entries.

Finish Date:
All entries must be in before midnight of the 29th of February 2016 (UTC). On the 1st of March a poll will be put up for voting which will end on the 7th. There will be a countdown widget on the left of the page to this topic's impending demise.

First prize is 50 Blood Drops + a love potion and a single red rose OR 10 Skill Points in your area of choice and a single black rose. All participants will earn 5 Blood Drops and a single white rose.

Good luck!

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Blood Drops : 1805

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PostSubject: ENJOY MY CHEESY, LAZY THINGY   Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:41 pm

Aunty Aurora's Potion of Alluring™
Aunty Aurora Co™ is not responsible for any injuries, allergic reactions,  extra limbs, death, or  giant bore attacks

Makes: 3 Potions - Preparation: 10 hours - Brewing Time: 14 hours - Difficulty: ★★★★★★★ - - - - - Rated by epicelixirs.com
This rare potion is to enhance any attraction that the drinker may have towards another individual, occasionally even provoking obsession or - when failing - repulsion. There are many other variants of this potion, such as an elixir that causes the drinker to become more flirtatious.

Three cowrie shells, plucked from the sea
The hearts of two doves, fresh and raw
A dribble of the saliva of a field mouse, fresh and moist
A trickle of  honey, golden and runny
A drop of mercury, beautiful and deadly
A vial of morning dew
A single peacock feather, taken without consent
A rabbit's foot, for a bit of luck
Five petals of the beautiful rose
Five rose thorns, to represent pain
A silver coin
The head of a black swan, killed by another
Two drops of venom from he serpent, liquid death
Three drops of blood of the brewer, willingly given
Three hairs of the quarry, the one to be loved

First, you must prepare your enchanted water. Place your wooden basin under a full moon in full view of the stars. Pour in your morning dew just as the moon reaches it's highest point and add in the petals and your coin. Let it soak up the starlight and moonbeams for several hours before putting a cloth over your basin or putting it into a flask out of direct sunlight just before morning.

This next step is best done during a rose moon, when the sun just dips below the horizon. Take out your enchanted water and pour it into a larger basin or tortoise shell. Slowly pour in your honey and drop in the shells. Let that set for a moment while you tear up the hearts, then add your feather before dropping them in too. Making sure you're facing north, stir clockwise. Add the head of the swan head and leave the brew to infuse. It should be a transparent, thin liquid when it's ready. A good quality elixir base should be tinted pale pink and be slightly lumpy.

As the sky lightens with sunrise, quickly add your rabbit's foot and mouse saliva, stirring briskly with the bone of a long passed warrior (wolf) or the antler of an elderly buck. Gradually add in the mercury, rose thorns and venom, stirring in the opposite direction now.

Now, you must finish your potion with a hymn, to enchant to mixture and to activate the ingredients.

Hearts from above, they shall love
Fruit of the sea, let it be
A silver drop, mayn't it stop
The silver piece, mayn't it cease
Essence o' mouse, make a spouse
Peacock's plume, let love resume
Petal o' rose, no more woes
Swan o' black, bring romance back
The rose thorn, let it be borne
With the toxin, let them soften
Paw o' hare, may love they share
Trickle o' honey, sweet and yummy

My blood is given, now I've spoken
Let the desire be awoken!

Finally, add exactly three drops of your own blood and let the mixture sit. Bottle the thick, bright ruby coloured mixture, discarding the remnants of the doves and swan, pouring it promptly into a crystal flask with a cork stopper. There should be a small metallic ball floating in the centre of the mixture.

This particular recipe is best after fifty years, however it is useable within a month. Store out of direct moonlight.

The classic way to apply this brew is to dip arrow tips into the liquid and aim for your victim's rump, entering the blood system and going straight to the heart. However,  it works almost just as well watered down in elixir form, however ingesting the potion is not quite as effective and it's rather unpredictable. Side effects include vomiting, hiccups, loss of eyesight, malting,  extra limbs,  death, and repulsion.

When ready for use, drop in four hairs of the target - without them, the potion is unreliable and the drinker will fall in love with the first thing they see.

Shake up the bottle to reawaken the ingredients and let it infuse for about a day. For the brew to work properly, the drinker must ingest the entire mixture. You shall see results within around an hour, and effects will last from anywhere between three days to two weeks!

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PostSubject: Re: A Little Drop Of Poison | CONTEST   Tue Feb 23, 2016 6:10 am

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PostSubject: Re: A Little Drop Of Poison | CONTEST   

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A Little Drop Of Poison | CONTEST
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