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 Ghost Stories & Wives' Tales | CONTEST

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Dominant Female

Blood Drops : 1805

Gender : Female

PostSubject: Ghost Stories & Wives' Tales | CONTEST   Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:41 am

Ghost Stories 2016
I n a c t i v e

As the gruesome time of year approached the flowers bloomed and it grew warmer each and every day; the joyful screams of children playing at the local pool pierced the air and the general atmosphere was really quite foreboding and such, although sometimes you did wish that you didn't live in the southern hemisphere and were instead walking through the bare woods with the cool wind chilling you to the bone and the feeling of being watched constantly gnawing at your sanity, glowing-eyed pumpkins glaring daggers into your back. You wished that you were among your fellows, sitting around a camp fire telling gruesome, cryptic stories of stupid meddling kids who end up dying... Gruesomely. Ah well, you can always enter this contest instead to get your fill of chills n' thrills.

Write your own take on a creepy ghost story to tell around the campfire starring the fabulous characters of the pack! Now it's your chance to make some seriously spooky scary spaghetti! No bars held, except that it isn't too over the top and still follows the rules. Oh, and it had to be a couple of paragraphs long. c;

You have four weeks to get your stories in, after that entries will close and judging will start. Since I'm no real writing critic and I want to join in anyways, we'll be judging as we usually do with a poll! Depending on how many people enter (come on guys! It's a writing contest!), you may or may not be able to vote for multiple entries although I strongly advise you not to vote for yourself. Come on, luvvies, be a good sport! ;D

Finish Date:
All entries must be in before midnight of the 13th of November 2016 (UTC). On the 13th(ish) of November a poll will be put up for voting which will end on the 20th. There will be a widget on the left of the page counting down to this topic's impending demise.

First prize is 55 Blood Drops, a potion of their choice and a drawing of a scene in their story (drawn by our very own mediocre artist, 'Rora!). All participants will earn 5 skill points and some toilet paper for their pet mummy.

Good luck!

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Dominant Female

Blood Drops : 1805

Gender : Female

PostSubject: Re: Ghost Stories & Wives' Tales | CONTEST   Sun Nov 06, 2016 7:50 am

Aurora wrote:
HI GUYS. I never really finished this, but we still have a week so I might end up writing an entirely new thing because this kinda stinks. Probably not. I'm lazy. Also a bit of warning if you are a complete wimp and/or are listening to scary music at the same time, but it's pretty plain. Anyways. Bad spook story time. SO HERE WE GOOOOO ~

DON'T LOOK AT IT (Click Here Anyways):
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Ghost Stories & Wives' Tales | CONTEST
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