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 It's That Time Again!

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What are your favourite quotes said by us? (Suggestions welcome; the more the merrier!)
 "I have to earn back my octopus, though." -Lexi
 "She did as told though, and helped Aurora stablize the cretin." -Willow
 "It's like an apocalypse of Gennys. A Gennypocolypse." -Dawn
 "KIDS RUB." -Nanny Chaos
 "I only take orders from Aurora, except maybe Fenrir 'cause he scares me." -Talon
 "Ah! The young and their fast love!" -Fenrir
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Dominant Female

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PostSubject: It's That Time Again!   Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:10 am

Distant Bloods' Fourth Year!
Are you ready, kids?!

Has it really been four years? Dang.

A lot has happened in those years, and man, it wouldn't have been right without you guys. All of you. <33
Cheers to us and to our fallen retired(?) comrades whom this place wouldn't have been the same without! To the places we've ventured and the characters we've encountered! To the memories we've made and the fun we've had! Long live Distant Bloods Pack! Huzzah!

To celebrate our glory,  I have been (slowly) updating our Tales of Beginnings and a related story-telling contest should be posted soon enough. But in the mean time, here's a shorted tale of our entire RP history. Prepare for a wall of text just like in the olden days!


[blahblahblah, work in progress]


Phew. So tell us what some of your favourite moments in our characters' glorious story are, what are some of your best memories on Distant Bloods, and what do you think is in store for us in the next chapter of our glorious tale?

Oh! Before you go back into the ether from whence you came, I have a little surprise for you lot to kind of make up for how awful an admin I've been lately (WHOO! TARDINESS!). CLICK ON ZE SURPRIZEZ



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It's That Time Again!
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