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PostSubject: Mates and Pups   Mates and Pups EmptySat Aug 17, 2013 11:35 am

A big part of a wolf's life is spent looking for a mate and raising offspring to continue their bloodline. Although optional, finding a mate can really spice up your character's life, as it can also lead to having pups and therefore a new generation!
Mates are basically "lovers" or a wedded couple. The main perk of the bonding is, as mentioned, having pups, although simply having a mate and that relationship between two characters can also be beneficial in several ways. Mates do not have to have a perfect relationship, although they will have to at the time of their bonding.
The bonding is to make it official, preformed in a short ritual consisting of about three steps. Before that bonding, though - "The Eternal Joining Ceremony," the two must have several qualifications as listed below.

  • You must be an Official Member
  • You must have permission from the Elites
  • You must both have 30 legitimate posts in the RP
  • You must both be pretty active
  • Neither of you can have another mate already: They must break up before you can have another. After 3 mates, you cannot have another, not counting ones from your character's history
  • Your characters cannot be related by blood
  • Your characters must be of opposite genders, unless stated otherwise
  • Both of your characters must be above 2 years of age
  • Both of your characters must get along well!

The "Eternal Joining" Ceremony:
After finishing getting all the requirements, one of the characters must ask the other to become their mate or "propose." If the other accepts, the two must seek out a Dominant and ask for their permission. Having acquired their approval, the couple will normally also find and ask friends and family for their blessings, or else said persons may disapprove strongly of the relationship and may cause problems in the future. After receiving blessings or otherwise, perhaps deciding it not the best to continue forth with the joining. Nonetheless, if they do choose to venture forth, they would go to --, where they would place their paws in the sand together, sometimes saying a few words, signifying that they are now indeed mates for life. ...Or until they hate each other again.

Having Pups:
In this pack your characters grow older, therefore many generations can be born and die out. Reproducing is a common goal among creatures. Here, any couple of the same genus can breed and have children, so long as they have a few requirements.

  • The two have been mates for two months in real-time, or two "days" in the RP
  • The two characters must be of opposite genders
  • The characters must be under ten years of age, above two and of the same genus to breed
  • They must both be Official Members
  • They must have 50 posts both
  • They must have the Elite's permission
  • Litters can range from two to five pups for normal members, but can have up to fifteen for Elites unless stated otherwise
  • The pups, whether designed by their parents or by their roleplayers, must look like their relatives
  • The pups must have roleplayers by the time they are born, otherwise they are dead when they are born
  • The mother must be prepared to become useless for two RP "days" or two months in real-time, after which the pups shall be born. See the Age and Time guide to see how to proceed

It is strongly suggested that the couple have their own den before they have pups, although it is not necessary unless they plan on having a large litter or several of them. Please note that the couple cannot have another litter until their latest are at least one year old. Members and even the parents themselves can adopt the pup as their character so long as they have a free character slot or kill off their old one. Parents must advertise the pups and post short biographies of the pups in the Adoptable Character board. No mating or gory birthing roleplay is allowed.

Adopting an orphaned pup or a young wolf without any relatives to care for it anymore is a noble act. So long as both agree, any pup can have a parent and any adult be a parent. There are just a few things to keep in mind, so the relation is beneficial for both parties.

  • Both must be active
  • Both must have at least 10 RP posts
  • Both must have been on the site for a month
  • The characters must have met and get along well
  • The pup must be below 1 year of age
  • The Elites must have agreed to the adoption
  • Both must have met the pack

After they've both got said requirements, the adult may ask the pup whether they'd like them to be their new caretaker or parent, or the pup can ask the adult. Either way, if they wish to make it completely official they may go to the -- and swim out into the water together, the adult supporting the youngster in a test of trust, and when they come out again all previous ties will be broken, and they will be considered something near relatives, by love if not by blood.

This guide was written by Captain Rora and is (©) copyrighted to it's creator. Do not recreate or copy.

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Mates and Pups
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