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PostSubject: Age and Time   Age and Time EmptySat Aug 17, 2013 11:42 am

How Time Passes
Time is different here. One RP Day is one season, and four seasons is one RP Year, therefore is four RP Days. Thus, our characters age differently, which you shall learn about below.

A RP Day lasts about 2-5 months in real time, 25 RP posts from each user, or 70 RP posts in total, whichever comes first. A RP Day has several periods: Morning, Midday, Sunset and Night. Every 35 posts or so, the time of day in the RP will change, and the weather changing perhaps more often. Keep an eye on the "RP Time and Weather" widget on the left to keep track of this.

When night approaches, the pack may choose to "skip" it by having (almost) all characters sleep at the same time for 2 RP posts, although if there is an event or something going on in the RP, this is likely not to happen.

A Wolf's Life, From Life To Death
Here, wolves grow by seasons (which is 1 RP day long). Over that one RP day the character changes slowly until they appear they have seemed to have grown a set amount.

Because our characters can have pups and have them grow up, then they have pups and have them grow up, thus resulting in several generations, that also means that characters can also grow old and die of old age.

Below is a sort of "chart" of how characters age here, showing how many RP days that must have passed for them to have shown all of these changes, as well as the age they would be in real life to have these changes. This chart shows from when the mother is pregnant, to the birth and growth of the pup, when the wolf is fertile, and then when the wolf  finally dies.

Each character ages at the beginning of a new RP year (spring) no matter when they were born. A PM will be sent out to everyone reminding them to update their character's age, as well as when pups age.

Note that characters of other species than canis lupus will also follow this timeline.

Gestation Period : 0 RP Days : 5 days : The female is ever so slightly more bloated and a little moody, sometimes snappy or other times affectionate.
Gestation Period : 1 RP Days : 30 days : The female is noticeably much "fatter" and is eating twice as much and more often. She will stick closer to her mate and pack members and the den. The mother is still somewhat moody.
Gestation Period : 2 RP Days : 55 days : The female spends almost all of her time in the den here on. Her mate and pack must bring her food until her pups are at least five weeks old. Pup RP'ers must be found within a month after the second RP Day or they will be born still and lifeless.
0 RP Days : Newborn : Blind and deaf, pups rely on their mother and must be fed milk often and kept warm and sheltered.
1 RP Day : 5 weeks : Their senses begin to kick in properly, pups are born with knowledge of language but only now will they start proper use of their tongues and learn how to talk. Pups can now venture outside the den and play outdoors.
2 RP Days : 10 weeks : Pups are now weaned from milk and can go without their mother but still must be fed often. They can now start to go outside of the den site / rendezvous site.
3 RP Days : 6 months : Pups look a lot more like adults now, having grown their adult fur. Their milk teeth have been replaced so they now can start training and help the pack hunt.
4 RP Days : 1 year : Pups are almost completely mature and look almost indistinguishable from adults, apart from their weight and their distinct slimness they owe to their youth. Their voice is now deeper.
8 RP Days : 2 years : Pups are now fully grown adults and may now breed and have a mate. These wolves may now take a rank and start living in the pack or disperse.
12 RP Days : 3 years : Adulthood.
16 RP Days : 4 years : Adulthood; starting to loose strength and agility of youth.
20 RP Days : 5 years : Adulthood.
24 RP Days : 6 years : Adulthood; greying fur signalling age begins.
28 RP Days : 7 years : Transition into elderhood. Wolves of this age are now considered infertile and can no longer breed.
32 RP Days : 8 years : Elderhood.
36 RP Days : 9 years : Elderhood.
40 RP Days : 10 years : The risk of dying by old age must now be considered from here on.
44 RP Days : 11 years : Elderhood; character is considered "ancient" and can no longer hunt, fight or other physical activities. Blindness, arthritis and other health issues start to set in.
48 RP Days : 12 years : Elderhood.
52 RP Days : 13 years : Elderhood.
56 RP Days : 14 years : Elderhood.
60 RP Days : 15 years : Character must have already died of old age by now, or during this RP Year.

This guide was written by Captain Rora and is (©) copyrighted to it's creator. Do not recreate or copy.

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Age and Time
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