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PostSubject: Beginning Of The Story   Beginning Of The Story EmptySun Aug 18, 2013 4:22 am

A golden-cream and grey wolf laid in the endless meadow where the bison grazed. She seemed dead but she was still breathing... barely. She had no wounds, no signs of illness, she was healthy but why was she breathing so heavy?
Her deep-grassy-green eyes flicked open, and she saw the light blue sky and soft, white clouds soaring the sky. But she still laid there, motionless. "Whoa... What happened..?" She asked herself, not remembering a thing. "Whe-where am I..? What am I doing here?" The female mumbled then got up, finding it hard to get on her legs.
Once maintaining balance, the female wandered around. She saw giant beasts, green grass, a blue sky, white clouds, rolling hills, and several other things. They brought back some memory, "M-my name is Aurora, I'm a female grey wolf, I have grassy green eyes, a cream and grey pelt... And no family..?" The wolf stumbled to say the last part, not knowing if it was true. "But where did I come from, and what was my past..?" She questioned herself, over and over. But all that all that answered was, "you belong here, now sing." Her instincts told her within.
Aurora was confused, 'sing...? What is there to sing?' But then she let out a loud, ear ringing howl. It lasted for almost half hour. "What was that?" She questioned again. Once again, her instincts replied to her, "this is now your home, I am your guide, other wolves are your kin, and this is your adventure... Your adventure to start a life..."

Ciel padded softly through the trees and into a wide clearing. Closing his midnight blue orbs, he inhaled the scents of distant bison and elk, though there were none in direct eyesight. There was another scent tainting his muzzle. Another wolf was in the clearing. His first instinct was to run away, knowing very well what other wolves were capable of doing to him. However, a voice in the back of his head was telling him to stop being a coward and approach the gold/grey female.

As he started towards the center of the clearing, he saw the fae, looking quite disgruntled and disheveled. She also appeared to be talking to herself. Knowing how many strange tendencies he had himself, he chose to ignore the fact. Still, he was a little curious as to what she was doing in the field all alone. He came a little closer, but was still far enough away that he should not be noticed just yet. The wolf let out a beautiful howl, and he felt the urge to join in. The song ended before he got the chance to. The off-white brute inched forward and patiently waited for the golden fae to notice him, as he was unsure of how to introduce himself to her.

The wooly bison grazed peacefully. A young calf and her mother. Hearing wolves behind them the large mother nudged her calf to start running, as they slowly picked up pace.

A thin ebony form raced along the thick grassy plain, distant from the duo. Paws drummed the earth, their digits scarring tiny valleys into the earth. Large orbs narrowed, concentrating on the orange shaggy figure dashing ahead. A lumbering beast moved in closer to the small furry creature, but the raven canid shifted between the mother and baby, severing their connection. The slender figure shifted, direction slightly closing in on the bison young as it too struggled to escape the snapping ivory fangs. Unfortunately for the small wolf, a stone jutted out of the soil, clawing out for fur. It sank deeply into a tender midnight pad, blood staining the ashen gray a dark crimson. Loosing momentum, the canine dropped back, luckily before the monsterous hooves of the bison mother crushed it's skeletal system.
Dirt sprayed as the ebony-pelted organism skidded, preventing from hunting down the fleeing bison. Inky dark-chocolate eyes widened in surprise, as the femenine-like canid stood only meters from the two foreigners.

Aurora's ears perked as she heard steps behind her. She gulped, not knowing who or what it was. She turned around to see a grey-ish male, she tilted her head, not knowing if he was a threat. Aurora decided just to introduce herself, "Oh, hello! Sorry, I didn't see you there! I'm... Aurora!" She wouldn't usually speak to a stranger, let alone be this jumpy and hyper. Maybe she was just a bit surprised to see another wolf?
Before she even knew it, Aurora saw another wolf just behind the grey male. It was another male, but he looked a bit femenine for some reason, but Aurora wouldn't judge... 'Perhaps their from the same pack or something like that...?' Thought the golden and grey she-wolf. "Greetings, I'm Aurora!" She greeted again.
The golden and grey she-wolf tilted her head, smelling blood. "Not to be rude or anything, but are you alright?" She questioned, calmly.

The ebony canine rested his rump on the earth, curling his long, slender tail curtly around his delicate paws. He ignored the sting of his pad, allowing his scarlet fluid to ooze around the ashen gray of stone and stain the soil. The midnight figure's inky orbs darted from the golden-gray femme to the dark gray and black duoed specimen. The small male puffed out his chest a bit more, broadening his thin shoulders and raising his narrow cranium, attempting to look like a true-born masculine.
"I'm fine." Ember muttered. "Just trying to get some food." He sighed, relaxing himself a bit. "If your hunting skills get rusty, than when its time for winter, the prey will be scarce and you won't be able to catch anything."

Ciel nodded curtly towards the other brute that had approached. "I am Ciel, Aurora." His voice was distant in his ears, his mind wandering to other topics. How long had it been since the grayscale male had eaten? He hadn't a clue, though if he had to take a guess it had been at least a week or so. Although he could definitely go another week or so before anything damaging happened, he was definitely craving meat.

Shaking his head slightly, Ciel allowed his mind to come back to the present. The small male assessed the other characters in the field. The fae, Aurora, was a smooth blend of cream and gray. Her eyes were darts, a sharp green. Her frame was somewhat large but not as big as him, but not in the weak sense. She was almost in exact contrast with the brute that had entered. Unlike Aurora, this male was a dark color, with dark eyes. He wasn't quite as masculine as Ciel was, but he had hidden strength no doubt. If Ciel's muscle was actually visible, he would probably be larger than him. He unconsciously shook his light pelt out and rubbed his chest with his muzzle.
"Maybe," He spoke, his voice sliding off his tongue without his consent. "We could all go hunting together?"

Aurora's ears perked at the grey-ish male. Her tail swayed as always as she looked at him, even though all she could see was a grey and black blurred out wolf. "Hunting, eh? I don't see why not" she thought aloud. Aurora wasn't hungry but she enjoyed hunting and she didn't even know it! But what would the other male say?

The sun rays pelted down onto Vertrou's rough coating. He panted gently and licked his muzzle, searching for any sweat around his face. He had walked for what felt like forever, only to find small prey and little water that he could lap.
He had caught the scent of other wolves, maybe 3 or 4. He carefully made it to the peak of the hill and looked down to the small group. They stood there, talking to one another, not getting to close. He could hear murmurs about hunting and the common 'hello'.
Vertrou's instinct, when he saw wolves unfamiliar to him, was to run. Run as fast as he could and never look back. But this small group didn't seem harsh. They didn't seem cruel. He thought to stay. To introduce. But he had not seen another wolf for months. Could he remember to speak? Remember his name?
Slowly, he moved down the hill, head low and tail tucked between legs. He stopped. He looked. He stayed half way down the hill, instincts telling him to turn now. Telling him to run. Vertrou stood.

As Chaos emerged into a wide open field he lowered his smooth onyx black nose to the dew covered grass, his ears perk up as his nares catch a scent. 'Bison... and, wolves?...' his first instinct was to brace himself for a fierce attack. He soon took a deep breath and retreat his actions. 'No, they have no reason to attack. I'll be fine...' He crouched low, scoping out the plains filled with fresh meat. He glided his tongue over his teeth as he coiled his tail around his hind legs, the tip lightly swaying up and down. His ears flew back and his eyes showed power, as he stalked closer he released low snarling growls. He picked out a small select few, finding a calf with it's mother.

Ember's tail-tip twitched, salivating in eagerness. "It would be my pleasure to accompany you, Ciel and Aurora," he said with a curt nod. The young femme-like canine raised his narrow head, his stark-black nose twitching as he inhaled the cool air. His dark eyes narrowed, scanning the surrounding area. "I smell wolves," he muttered.

Ciel nodded. He could scent them as well. "Yes, I noticed that as well. Do you think they pose as a threat to us?" He looked at his newfound companions. They definitely were not the strongest wolves in the forests. But they also were not the weakest. And from the looks of it they were a determined bunch. If there did happen to be trouble, they could fight. It is not always brawns. Yes, they would make a good family.

Aurora's ears perked up as the other two spoke of other wolves. Aurora gently lifted her nose into the air and sniffed. She smelt wolves far away and some close. "I wouldn't say their much of a threat, if anything, we're more of a threat to them!" Aurora explained, "well, what we'd appear to some..." She added, knowing that if she saw a group of wolves, she'd think that they were some sort of pack and that she would be out numbered.

Ember shrugged. "Perhaps, perhaps not. However, if we meet them, we should try to be friendly, nevertheless."

The wind began to change, sweeping throughout the area. It carried the scents of everywolf with it....

As Chaos lied in the tall grass covered with dew, a gust of wind swirls past. It rippled throughout his multi-colored pelt, also bringing a stronger wolf aroma. 'Wolves, male and female, but... how many?' He shifted his glance towards the scent origin, then gazed once more at the herd containing his next meal. Although he wondered. 'Are they a pack? What if they attack...' All he could make out were a few vague figures, still unsure of which is male and which is female. He remained crouched, yet inches towards the group and the herd. He began to motion his broad paws forward, his long somewhat fluffy tail dragging on the ground. Each moment he rustled leaves or moved a stick, he paused, waiting for something bad to happen. He remained braced, his chest expanding and contracting in an even beat. He releases a lengthy sigh, "Whatever they plan to do, I'm ready."   He said in a slighty deep voice as he continued on.

Vertrou pinned his ears down against his fur and held his head low as he slowly walked over to the group. He kept his distant and continued to make eye contact. The previous time he had come across wolves like this, he was almost ripped to pieces; he didn't want to have that happen again.
His stomach growled quietly for the urge of food but he put that to the side as he took one more step closer to the group. He kept still. He breathed only slightly. His heart raced. But he stood still.

"Indeed, there has never been a real reason to act aggressive, it's better to have friends than foes. Plus friends can be much more helpful when needed!" Aurora replied to Ember. "But we must be careful, better to be safe than sorry..." She added, and indeed, it would be smart to be alert around strangers.
She let the wind blow through her fur while she watched the bison, or what she saw as blurs, but at least she could smell and hear them very clearly. She sniffed the air, smelling bison and four strong scents of wolf. Two were her acquaintances, the other two were strangers. "If you are there, you are welcome to join us, we are about to hunt and if you help you can have some of the food as well!" The golden-ish she-wolf said in a loud and strong, yet very calm tone. "Come on out, we're not going to hurt you!"

Chaos froze in place, the fae's honey smooth voice echoing in his ear's hollows as they perked. He released a lengthy sigh and slight growl as he pulled his large frame to his feet. He shook his rusty-copper shaded pelt and looked at the group just yards away. His feet treaded closer, Chaos' large regal stature slowly approached. 'So, two males; one quite small, and the other average size. Oh, and the fae, just a tad smaller than I... what a strange group...' Chaos let a sly smirk curve it's why onto his muzzle line as he sat before them. His emerald eyes glided over each wolf, then up at the sky, the honey color flecks hidden in the emerald and around his pupils lit up in the sun's rays. He looked back at the three before him, as he spoke he wrapped his large black tipped tail around his hind legs. "Hello, I'm Chaos, sorry to be sneaking around. Hope I didn't intrude on anything." His voice a bit deep, yet clam and smooth. His gaze orbited the group, looking at each one once more.

Vertrou took another step forward, "I am Vertrou... Are you hunting now?" he questioned the group. He was high on his feet and ready to side-step if the group turned rouge. However, this small bunch didn't seem any different from himself. His eyes peered over each wolf and kept his ground. The wind blew and he caught the scent of the bison. His ears twitched. His nose too. Eyes flicked from the bison to the wolves. Stomach growling, he took another step, closer to the others.

She soon found herself back in the land where bison roam. Night walked towards where she had spotted the wolves before. She approached slowly, nervous. "Hello" she muttered, the black female's voice silky and smooth but strong and steady. "My name is Night," She said lowering her voice a little still crouched down ready to bound off if any aggressive actions are made...

Joining the wind came light as the white and grey clouds moved away, leaving only a few left. The warmth beamed down on the group of the group, while the breeze blew coolness in their fur.

Chaos sat in silence, eyes shut, but soon opened to the sound of yet a fourth wolf. His view soon fixated on the average sized male, then once more motioned to the other three. He sat tall, the sun's beams shone down warming his multi-shaded pelt. His odd white mark across his broad chest now slighty more visible. He smiled as the warmth filled his large body. His emerald optics shut once more, then opened as he lifted his muzzle up to the sky and peered at the few white clouds. He took a deep breath and exhaled. And soon yet a fifth wolf comes, a female. Much smaller than the other wolf who just arrived. Chaos observed how she looked a bit defensive, he stared and tilted his head as so many are around him. 'I guess they're not a pack if more of us just keep showing up... why are we all here? What's going to happen?...' Although slightly filled with ennui, Chaos still sat there with them. He retained a sense of equanimity. While his scintillating thoughts wandered throughout his mind he gazed off, although he sat before the five, his mind was else where. 'Quite an odd group, some seem to have a bit bravado, others may be esoteric...' As he allowed his mind to ponder, his tail-tip continuously swayed up and down. His receptors flicked as a light breeze flew past. Shaking him awake from his daze, he cleared his throat. "Hello, Vertou, Night, I'm Chaos." He gave a swift nod to the brute and fae. The stared at the three, his gaze shifted yet he continued to speak to the two, "I've just arrived, I know none of their names. Perhaps they'd like to enlighten us?" His voice trailed off yet kept it's idyllic tone.

Night smiled at Chaos, noticing how he has coped onto her defensive gesture. She lowered her guard, "I am sorry to have wondered over here, it's just I thought you were a pack and... well..."

Ember raised his narrow cranium. His nostrils flared, inhaling the air as his receptors picked up the scents of three loners. He could tell their genders, but no more. 'Just like our small little group here,' he pondered.
Soon enough, a young masculine revealed himself. Ember examined him closely, his chocolately eyes narrowed in concentration. The male's pelt consisted of a rich blend of rust, honey and onyx, his long legs and muscular frame catching Ember's attention. His eyes were a deep emerald, his pupil circled by flecks of warm honey. Chaos, as he revealed himself, shared the ebony wolf's trait of a long, somewhat feathery tail.
And then came a fifth. Ember turned his attention to a long-musseled canid, who introduced himself as Vertrou. The masculine's pelt was a distinctive blend of black and ivory, his bland gray eyes dappled with greens and blues. After further examination, the average-sized male had thick fur and sharp fangs, appearing as if the water was his home.
Ember soon found himself turning at a smooth, silky femme voice. The fae was ink, as himself, with unique splashes of white on her legs in the form of stripes. Night's eyes were light, crystaline icy-blue and ivory, startling him slightly.
The feminine-structured specimen sat up, orbs flickering over the bundle of strangers. "Well, Night, Vertrou, and Chaos, it was delightful to meet you." the ebony wolf said. "As Aurora said, it would be a pleasure for you to join us in hunting."

Ciel watched as several wolves appeared out of the shadows. He relaxed a bit, noting on how none seemed to be hostile. "I am Ciel. Pleased to meet you, Chaos, Vertrou, and Night." He nodded to them, and smiled a little. He was always so panicky. He noted to himself that it would be wise to loosen up, and forget the past.
The brute's muzzle went into the air, and the gray body nearly quivered with delight. There were bison close by. He opened his midnight eyes and looked around, finding their future prey. "As both Ember and Aurora have stated, I hope you decide to join us in he hunt. It will," He made a scrunched up face, "Quite frankly, help greatly with bringing down the animal." The five of them could quite possibly bring down a large animal, no doubt about it. Ci wasn't sure about the others, but he had not hunted very much in his past, so he wasn't great at it. Hopefully the others were better than he was.
Again, he thought of how odd the group must look, having just met and already going on a hunt together. They knew nearly nothing about each other, yet they were trusting enough to go on a sort of mission. It was almost laughable, but it was also very comforting. If they are that trusting, they must be trustable, right?

Chaos shifted his attention to the two speaking males. He still sat firm and tall, his rich emerald optics narrowing on them. One who pronounced himself as Ember was quite small, almost femme-like. He appeared as a moving shadow, his eyes were just barely lighter than his pelt, a warm chocolate brown. Chaos began to tilt his head as he examined the young brute, scoping out his build. He noticed how Ember's eyes showed an open joyful soul, maybe a bit wary, but trust worthy and welcoming. "Thank you for the welcome, Ember."
As for the second brute, he was a tad larger. Ciel, as he proclaimed. His pelt was mixed with various grey tints, making his midnight colored eyes quite vivid. He may be small, but he looked quite swift and agile. Chaos' eyes stopped scanning as he peered at the males face. Small marks were slightly visible. He began to ponder, 'Just like the scar on my chest.' He shoke his head to snap from the daze. "Hello Ciel, nice to meet you as well."
They were a strange two, as for the rest of them, including Chaos. As he rested on his haunches he let out a small sigh as his gleaming bright orbs shut, he opened them and spoke, "Well, I can go for some hunting. It's been a while since I've done it with a group. It's been just me for about two years; trying to keep my younger siblings well fed." his voice was warm and welcoming, being slightly deep yet always relaxed and smooth. He smiled at the odd group, his large pearl ivories showing; surrounded by his copper tinted muzzle. His audits flicked numerously as he lifted his onyx black nose into the air, his nares filling with the sweet tantalizing aroma of bison. He slided his tongue over his sharp canines, waiting for them to sink into fresh warm bison flesh. He looked once more at the two wolves who came after him, then at the creamy-honey pelted fae besides the two males. 'Aurora? I believe that was her name.'
Chaos soon lowered his fore frame and left his tail high in the air, his broad paws stretched as his talons dug into the warm brittle earth. He pulled his frame up once more and shoke his smooth soft pelt. He flashed smile once more at the small miss-match clan.

"Name's Aurora, if you you didn't know," the silver and golden female wolf nodded slightly as she introduced herself. "Nice to meet you, Chaos, Vertrou" Aurora said then added, "and Night" as she noticed a black female with white stripes on her legs.
Aurora didn't think the group very odd, just each wolf was different in one way or another. Like with herself, her build was a little more masculine than others... Okay maybe a lot more, but she had the manners of a lady... Sorta. But the group could surely bring down a large bison or deer.
As the male known as Chaos spoke about hunting, Aurora replied with, "then lets get to it then!" Then the large-ish silver and golden wolf let out another howl, this time it was a rally howl, to hunt!

Vertrou lightened his posture and let out a small, weak smile to the group. They were friendly. He had never met another wolf who had not wanted to attack him at sight. Vertrou walked closer to the group and listened to Aurora's blissful howl. He perked his ears forward and readied his haunches. Vertrou looked over to the bison; he hadn't hunted something so large in quite a while, but he was sure he could manage with the help of these wolves.

As most of the herd fled away with the howl, one cow continued to graze. She was a fine beast that stood about eight feet tall. She chomped away at the emerald grass, unaware that there were a group of wolves only a little while away, getting ready to hunt… And they were planning to have bison to dinner…

Hearing an ear piercing howl, the sleek young damsel sprinted through the dense timberland. The luminous silver canvass lit up each moment Ominous darted through an area with the sun's rays beaming through the treetops. Her legs look like a misty blur as she pressed off the earth with her elegant paws. Gracefully bounding towards the howl, she simply dodged each tree with divine ease. Her ebony nose fills with wonderous aromas, one seemed quite familiar to her. 'Ch- Chaos?...' She scented her dear brother, she may be swift yet only few light noises are made. Her long rose pink tongue hung from her maw as the breeze flew throughout her silk like pelt. As she saw the light shining near, it was the way out. She slowed to a halt, sinking low to the ground. Her movements were silent and un-noticable. As she crept closer her feathery tail swayed, her vocals released a few low growls. She shifted her paws steadily into a pounce position, as her ears sunk low, she leaped. She bound out of the thickett over a wolf and flew onto Chaos, with her fore paws on his frame and hind ones on the warm earth. She bared her ivories at him and released a playful growl. She leapt off of him, as he rose up she walked under his muzzle, flicking her tail at his nose. "It's been a while, Chaos. How have you been?" Her voice was tantalizing and smooth, giving her sweet sound. The young dame soon gazed her cerulean optics at the group near her brother and tilted her head slightly as she swayed onto her haunches. "Oh, dear. I'm sorry, I'm Ominous. And it looks like I've intruded on a hunt." The honey sweet voice was followed by a slight smile from the silver shaded fae.

As Chaos was preparing to ready for the hunt, a familiar scent filled his nares, he tried to shake it off, yet it just got stronger. He glanced around frantically before a small silver fae leapt atop him. He fell into the dirt, his emerald optics met her cerulean orbs. 'wh-what?... how?' He stared blankly for a moment as the young dame stood on him. As she got off he blinked and looked her over as she spoke he was dazed. He cleared his throat, "Ominous, how... why? Where did you come from?" His voice kept it's familiar smooth tone as his confusion sunk in. He allowed a joyful smile grow into his muzzle, his eyes gleamed bright as the sun shone. He was hungry and ready to hunt, but his sister was now here, and she had no idea who the others are. Chaos shook his head away from Ominous and gave the group a small odd look, unsure of what they would say. His muzzle encased a sigh, he released it into the unsuspectable atmosphere. "Well everyone, this is my sister, Ominous." His optics glanced at each in the circle, waiting to see what each would say.

Ember was taken aback at a strange femme bursting from the forest. The ebony masculine's eyes trailed over the female's structure. Her fur was an elegant blend of luminous silvery white, long legs and feathery tail somewhat like his own. The contrasting male gave a chuckle to Chaos's sister. "Well, glad to meet you, Ominous."

Vertrou peered over his shoulder to a silver she wolf. He quickly turned around and lowered his head, "Hello Ominous." he said, then lifted his head. He looked over to Chaos and then back to Ominous, not seeing to much resemblance between the brown male wolf and the silvery grey female. He shook that thought to the side and straightened his stance up.

Ominous' optics orbited the group, meeting each one's gaze. She stopped at Vertrou; noticing his eyes flicking from her to Chaos. She let out a small giggle and smiled. Her cerulean orbs scanned over his frame, as the sun's bright light reflected in her eyes the small flecks of pale blue were visible. She rose up and stood beside Chaos, posing the same way as he was standing. She gazed over her own sleek physique and then over Chaos, she smirked as she spoke. "As you see we don't share many similar features. We have a few though, our long legs, ashy shaded pinstripe, and how our ear outlines and tail-tip are a pure onyx black." Her voice was warm and welcoming, she shut her eyes slowly and took a deep breath as she opened them she once more peered around the clan. "Our mother, was a small pure white tundra wolf, her eyes were a rich sapphire. As for our father; he was a darker shade of Chaos, he was very large for a red wolf. Just as Chaos' eyes, our father's were rich emerald as well. Their pelt color created all sorts of combinations for our siblings. Silver like I and Echo, Rusty-copper like Chaos... Apache was around the same shade yet a bit lighter with more of a honey dappled in, the grey timber shaded twins, and even one pure onyx black." Her voice began to trail off a bit as she spoke of her family, yet it kept it's sweet tune. She smiled at her brother, Ominous was happy to be with someone from her former pack. It made her more comfortable.

Ember listened to the sleek luminous femme, who seemingly ignored his greeting. True to what she said, Chaos and her shared the traits she had described. The fae and the brute had both long, slender legs, ebony ear and tail tips, and an onyx pinstripe you couldn't miss. 'Apache? Echo? Silver? Rusty?' The black wolf's chocolately orbs flickered from the two for a brief moment. "So, there were more to your brood, I presume?" the ebony specimen asked the littermates.

She let out a small whine as Ember spoke, her ears sunk low and slighty outward in an awkward manner. She shuffled her small delicate paws in the loose earth. Her tantalizing cerulean optics gazed at the femme-like wolf as he asked of their siblings. The thoughts of her family flowed in her mind. The tragic accident vivid in her imagination as if it were yesterday. Another whimper escaped her vocals "Apache, Echo, Talon, Aspyn, and Diesel... All wandering, besides poor little Apache. And my parents..." Her eyes slowly losing it's beautiful glisten, she then shook her head and realized she never quite greeted Vertrou or Ember, she perked up her ears and looked to each. "Oh, I'm so sorry. It's wonderful to meet you, Ember. You as well, Vertrou." The smooth physiqued she-wolf spoke in an elegant tone. She may have been upset by the memories, yet her voice always sounding up be.

Chaos sighed as he looked down beside him at his sister, the memories fresh in his mind as well. He sat beside her wrapping his large fluffy tail around her luminous silver hind legs. Chaos' optics showed dread and unsure emotions. The rusty-copper brute's actions changed. He didn't sit as tall as before, his ears slouched forward as he looked at the dewy grass beneath him. He knew his sister was touchy on the subject, he was as well. He thought of his former life, then shook his head vigorously to snap away from the depressing mesatmories. He shifted his miserable  gaze back to the group. "I'm sorry, but she's a tad touchy on the subject of our family. Ominous can handle talking about them for a moment, but once the memories flow, she can't take it..." As Chaos spoke he kept an eye on Ominous, making sure his little sister was alright.

Aurora just watched as a random silver-ish wolf came out of nowhere. She called herself, 'Ominous' and claimed to be Chao's sister. "Pleasure to meet you, Ominous. Name's Aurora of the Sun, but call me Aurora or Aura" the golden-ish and silver wolf greeted the newer one.
She listened as the wolf explained things about her family, but kinda stumbled towards the end. Aurora turned her head towards Chaos as he explained that she's touchy about her family, 'something must've happened to them then' thought Aurora in response, then nodded. "Ominous, we were about to hunt. Would you like to join us?" Aurora said, calmly yet somewhat proudly while turning back towards the silver-ish wolf. 'Where did that come from?!'

Ominous looked up to the silver-honey fae before her, she smiled, her small razor like ivories peering from behind her pulled back lips. She shut her glistening cerulean orbs and lowered her head in a swift nod. "Sounds great, to go hunting with a group again. And it's lovely to meet you, Aurora." The small silver damsel squinted her eyes as she looked up at the bright powerful sun shining among them. Her mind raced, thinking of hunting with a clan of wolves. The plans roared throughout her imagination. 'If we all just charge, we're sure to chase them directly into the thicket, although only some of us look agile enough to continue. We can't do that!' Ominous sat in silence as the pictures flowed throughout her, seeing vivid details of the possibilities. Continuing to look up at the clear sky, she was in a daze. No longer in tune with the group.

Aurora couldn't help to smile again, another wolf joining the hunting party. Aurora started thinking up a strategy that would suit the bunch. They all seemed built for speed and stamina, while Aurora could keep up pretty well, she could also take it down with the strength hidden under her fur. 'Hmm, maybe we would all charge then a few go to the left, some to the right then surround the beast. Yes!' Aurora quickly thought everything through. "Okay, here's the plan. We'll all charge in together, and chase it to tire it out. Then, once I give the signal-" Aurora wagged her tail then continued, "Ember and Ominous will go to the left, Vertrou and Chaos to the right. We'll all surround it and pick it off one by one. Got it?" Aurora finished explaining her battle plan. She looked around at the faces, hoping that they all got the message.

Ominous slowly zoned back in as Aurora spoke of her plan. Although, Ominous had a wary look upon her silver shaded face. The luminous damsel twirled her petite paws in the light green grass, it's dew clear and cool. The young fae flattened her audits a tad as she looked at the group. She doubted the plan, yet saw it as disrespectful to say so. She sat beside the tall rusty-copper brute, and stared down at the calm earth. The she-wolf let out a small sigh as her frame slouched over.

Vertrou nodded to Aurora's request of how they would capture the buffalo. He was a little nervous, as he hadn't gone on a proper hunt for a very long time. He had learned to scavenge for food or catch small fish in ponds and lakes. He couldn't remember the last time he had actually went on a hunt on land. Especially with other wolves. This was a little different. No; it was a lot different. Vertrou, tried to think back to his first hunt. The one with his brother and sister. But thinking of it brought back the pain and the sorrow he had felt that day that he had left.

Ciel nodded in agreement to Aurora's plan, hoping the femme knew what she was doing. The rest of the wolves seemed to trust her, so he went along with it. "Okay, so for clarification, what will I be doing?" He spoke, noticing she hadn't said his name. It didn't bother him really, as he hadn't been paying attention when she had started speaking. This environment was different to him. He hadn't seen this many wolves for a long time. It was nice to just watch them, but he kept losing focus. But even that was better than his recent complex, with the whole perfectionist and obsession things. He would have to tell them about that later, before it caused any trouble. He would wait until after the hunt, so they didn't exclude him for it.

Chaos sat up and nodded lightly to Aurora as she spoke of her hunting plan. His gleaming emerald orbs glanced beside him, gazing upon the silver canid slightly hunched. He tilted his head a bit. 'Oh Ominous, lighten up. You may have been a ringleader before, but that's behind us. This is a new beginning...' He smiled at his small petite sister, and wagged his feathery tail. He hoped she'd feel better, knowing she won't say anything out of respect, it's best to just distract her from the thought. He nudged her playfully then stretched a bit for the hunt.

Fenrir wandered around for too long and didnt found any prey until now, still he didnt gave up and kept searching. He approached this big plains with a free sight on everything but someone was already here and not just one. There was a scent tainting his muzzle, wolves and bison. He wasnt surprised about bison but about the wolves, again there was a question in his mind like everytime he was approaching wolves, friends or foes? Slowly and attentive he went to the direction the scent came from, he jumped on a rock to have a better overview and he had the wolves in perfect sight, bad thing was that they could see him too but he didnt mind, Fenrir just wanted to know what they wanted to do and how they would react to a stranger and it wouldnt be smart to approach such a big group anyway, even if they didnt looked that strong, they shouldnt be underestimated. In one way this could be the start of a new life or again a fight. Fenrir sat down straight and waited for the wolves.

Aurora perked her ears at Ciel's voice, 'I thought I forgot someone!' She quickly added, "you'll be running straight ahead with me. Tiring it down shouldn't be too much of a problem, bison are heavy creatures" Aurora added, noticing the newer female was a little doubtful. "Everyone got it?" She asked, looking around at the faces, her olive orbs almost reflected the emerald-green grass. Her gold-ish grey ears twitched like radar dishes, listening for any comments or questions.

Ominous sighed lightly as she looked up at Aurora, her silver pelt rippeled as a light breeze traveled past them. Her voice light and harmonized, "Well... Aurora, I slightly doubt the plan. Believe me, I mean no disrespect it's just-" Ominous stopped mid scentence, she fell into silence as she turned and looked over her shoulder then she returned to face the group as her stomach growled. "Let's get to it faster..."

Vertrou perked his ears towards the grey female who had seemed to underestimate what Aurora had planed. He didn't enjoy taking sides or anything, but he thought he should at to her remark, "But if we chase after them straight up, we could tire ourselves out early and they may get away."
Vertrou then thought back to how he had practise catching fish in ponds and small frogs by banks. He quickly added, "We could begin by sneaking up then when we get close to the herd we could chase after them and target one that seems good enough to attack." Vertrou felt a little smart by saying his plan, he just had hoped that others would agree with the idea. He waged his tail and waited patiently for the others reply.

Aurora thought for a moment. "Hmm, since you all don't seem too excited about the whole running thing let's just change the playing field!" She said, a bit cheery but otherwise plain. She sniffed out a few stones and sticks then placed them before the group. "Instead, maybe one should go chase the beast and herd it up the hill where the rest would be waiting to strike. We'll still circle it so it has no way to escape, but we'll use a trap." The golden-ish wolf said, looking at the others for approval. Aurora was never really good with planning group hunts or wars. She was more used to doing without thinking since she had been alone for a while.

Chaos nodded to Aurora, for he liked this plan better; expecting a better out come. His large deep emerald optics slid over the bunch, gazing at each one for a moment. He looked back at Aurora and cleared his throat a bit. "Aurora, dear, your plan shall work if you give the right wolf the right area. I know Ominous is fast, and if Ember is as fast as his build implies, then he'd be wondrous for herding it back here with her." Chaos narrowed his eyes on Ember, observing his frame. He was small and looked agile enough to charge and make swift turns to guide the bison back.

The group didnt do anything, they were just talking about something, Fenrir was sick of waiting and jumped down to approach them, at the same time he jumped down a big wound on his right front leg opened again and the blood dripped down his leg but he didnt mind. He was more surprised that they didnt saw him or maybe they didnt care about a stranger. He went to them slow to not look like a threat. He sat down straight on a respectful distance and said with his deep voice "Greetings, I'm Fenrir" he still kept his guard up and added. "Sorry if I entered your teritory but what are you all doing here?" He waited for the answer and licked the blood from his leg.

Ominous glanced up at the large brute who slowly approached them, he kept a clear distance from the small odd clan. The silver fae stared intently at him, fascinated by his large size. Then again, Ominous was quite small to begin with. Her small luminous audits perked up as she tilted her head at him. She was wondering many things. 'Where did he come from? Why is he so large? It's he a threat? Did he come with a pack?... Actually, why are we here? We had no idea who each other was. Why here? Why now?' As the petite she-wolf aloud her mind to ponder the thoughts, she let her clear bright optics orbit each wolf, scanning them once more. Ominous spoke as she looked at the large brute once more. Her voice was light and sweet. "Greetings, Fenrir. I'm Ominous, pleasure to meet you."

Aurora lifted her head from studying the ground where she had laid sticks and pebbles in a sort of bird's eye view of her hunting plan. Her eyes met with a rather large male, "hello Fenrir, sorry I didn't see you there. I'm Aurora" she said, not showing the least bit of worry or fear, even though the male was at least seven inches taller and twelve inches broader. "Why, we were about to hunt, I'm not sure how we all got here, but now we are getting our dinner" Aurora chuckled a little bit. "It's alright, I'm happy to share my territory with pretty much anyone" the golden-ish wolf said, and it was true. As long as they were respectful and no threat she would live in the same land as they. If they weren't, well... Let's just say that would be a whole different story. Aurora tilted her head to the right slightly and asked in a cheery, strong, brave yet kind tone. "Would you like to join us, Fen-i-er?" She still was having a little trouble with pronouncing his name.

The first wolves already introduced themself to Fenrir, he was quite surprised that they were friendly. "Nice to meet you both, Ominous and Aurora." he said and came a little bit closer, the two females showed no fear, that was good for him, the first wolves after months who didnt ran away instantly. Aurora even had problems to pronounce his name, but he didnt mind, some pronounce it right and some not. They were about to hunt and she asked him if he would like to join, "I have nothing against a good hunt!" he added, his stomach began to growl as he thought of fresh meat. "Just dont get in my way." he said and glanced at the two females. Bad thing was that the wound wouldnt stop bleeding, his whole leg was bloody now but he couldnt do something about it, he just tried to stand still.

Chaos glanced at the large wolf Aurora and Ominous had spoken to, he turned to him and nodded lightly. Before speaking he observed the brute, noticing his defensive nature Chaos was ready to defend his sister and new friends. Although he did not physically brace himself, he was ready to risk it all to keep them safe. Suddenly the rusty-copper brute caught a glance of Fenrir's bloody wound. He watched the crimson drip, he suddenly filled with the horrid memories of the brutal and bloody fights he's gone through protecting Ominous and their other siblings. He shook his head and flicked his audits. "Welcome, Fenrir. I'm Chaos, also Ominous' brother. That's a nasty looking wound you have there. We shouldn't go hunting until its been tended to. It may just get worse if you're out there chasing bison." All Chaos could smell was the fresh blood leaking from the brute before him. It lingered in his muzzle, making him lift his right fore paw and rubbing it over his muzzle.

Vertrou smiled at Fenrir. "Nice to meet you Fenrir, my name is Vertrou." Vertrou would usually be a little nervous introducing himself to strangers, but the wolf seemed nice and didn't seem as though he wanted to attack. Vertrou flicked his ears and let out a small sneeze before looking back over to the wolf.

'Huh, wound? I thought I smelt blood' the golden-ish she-wolf thought then looked around. Soon she noticed that Chaos was talking about the new male, "you really shouldn't hunt with a cut of that size. Hmm, there'll be plenty of food, possibly more than we could eat, though. I could spare a bit if you want" Auora said, then heard her own and a few other stomachs growl. "We better hop to it before it gets dark, we've been here all morning!" Aurora said, slightly eager.

More wolves approached him to say hello. "Greetings, Vertrou and Chaos, nice to meet you!" He said to the two males, Fenrir noticed that Chaos wanted to defend everyone here, Fenrir had no purpose on fighting so he let his guard down, he felt safe here anyway. At once everyone said that he shouldn't hunt with that wound, he started growling as he heard that Aurora offered to share food with him, so he should stay back like a little pup that cant even run properly? "Ha! You mean this little flesh wound? I will hunt, this little wound wont stop me." He knew that the hunt would make the wound even bigger but it would hurt his ego if he wouldn't help hunting against a Bison. "Someone got a plan?" He asked curious.

Willow padded out from the timberland, the fae covered in various shades of brown came to a slow stop upon reaching the wide plains. She tilted her head slightly and her left eat flopped over, observing the greenery around. She lifted her small chocolate tinted paw and placed it into the cool dew filled grass, the feeling sent a quiver throughout her.  The she-wolf was used to it always being winter, with deep snow covered grounds. She lowered get delicate frame to the earth, sniffing the grass. Her nares filled with numerous aromas. 'wet grass, bison, a few elk, wolves, and just, nature. Not a flake of snow in sight.' Willow took a few feet into the field, she lied down in the damp grass. The fae rolled over, revealing her honey shaded under-belly. Her thin puffy tail began to wag as the noon sun's rays warmed her, Willow grew a smile along her maw line. She looked ahead into the wide area, spotting the wolves she scented before. The fae's dark receptors twitched as she heard them move and speak. Her pale blue orbs scanned the strangers over, although they appeared to be upside down due to her current position.

Chaos finally looked away from Fenrir, a small movement catching his eye. It was another wolf, one full of various brown shades, rolling around in the tall grass. It didn't seem bothered by the group. Chaos observed closely, the wolf stayed on it's back. Chaos snapped back into the group as Ominous sat beside him once more.

The young damsel noticed the wolves have acknowledged her, staring at her as she lied in the emerald vegetation. Willow spun her structure to where she was on her stomach once more. She was still at first, then she tilted her head near them, by doing so her left ear once again flopped over. Her tail struck up like a banner as she pulled her frame to her feet, not in a threat, it was lightly swaying side to side. Willow was not happy about seeing the wolves, the food source, or any such thing. She was glad to be in the wondrous weather. She shut her pale optics and smiled as a warm gust ran through her lush pelt. Upon opening her eyes, she looked at the clan. "Oh, they're still looking at me? I might as well introduce myself. I don't want to invade their territory." The lass shook out her coat, the small dew drops from the grass covered her. As Willow strolled closer, her tailed dropped lower but still flowing sideways. Upon reaching a good distance the dame halted, looking up seeing the gathered wolves. Willow was about a yard or so away. She's a shy and qiuet she-wolf. She batted her pale kind eyes. "Greetings all, my name is Willow. I'm sorry for entering your land, this weather... it just caught my attention. I'm used to snow covered land all the time. If you don't wish for me to stay it's no trouble for me to head out." Willow's shy voice flowed smoothly from her vocals. She didn't make eye contact, her gaze just stayed on the landscape. If she looked at the wolves she'd be too shy to speak much. The long puffy tail that once lightly wagged, now tightly coils the carmel colored haunches of the lass. Her receptors lowered a bit and she looked at the ground shuffling her paws.

Aurora gave the new wolf a cold glare at his growling from behind her shoulder, "just as long as you don't faint from blood loss, we don't want anyone unconscious, do we now? It was just for your safety, but you should at least wash that out." Aurora made her point clear, and tilted her head to a puddle near. She took a deep breath in then out, then shook her head. She blinked twice and saw a wolf rolling around in the grass like a pup, the golden-ish she-wolf tried not to giggle at it. But who could blame this wolf? Who hasn't had fun rolling in the damp grass?
Aurora trained her emerald-green eyes on the female as she came closer to the group. Aurora turned to the group and and walked closest to the new wolf. Aurora tilted her head at the wolf's shy and timidness, and chuckled to try and lighten the mood. "Don't worry, there's nothing to worry about! My name is Aurora of the Sun, but call me Aurora" she nodded her head slightly in greetings. "We were about to hunt, would you like to join us? Just be careful, though" the saying flew from the golden-ish wolf's mouth, it had became a habit now.
And now, it was starting to come to her. 'Why and how many wolves keep running into us?!'

The silver she-wolf was a bit confused as she watched the stranger tumble around in the outer edge of the plain. Ominous sat up as the foreigner confronted them. Her name, Willow. She was a shy wolf alright, and vivid markings of various browns coated her. Ominous couldn't help but gaze at Willow's torn flopped over ear. She soon came to her senses. And greeted the new one. "Hello! Welcome to the club, Willow. Aurora's right, you should join the hunt. There should be more than enough to go around, and we should be able to take one down quicker." Ominous' stomach released a growl, the silver damsel was crouched and ready. "Just let us know who's going where and doing what, Aurora." Ominous let loose a low snarl towards the beasts grazing in the field. She was hungry, and ready to charge.

Vertrou bowed his head to Willow, "My name is Vertrou." he said politely to the fae. He pulled his head back up and then looked over to Aurora and sniffed at the air. He caught the scents of the buffalo who seemed to merely be grazing and not paying attention to the group.

After that he heard a shy fae, so he wasnt the only newcomer here. Fenrir was never good in speaking to shy wolves but introducing was no problem, after everyone else introduced themself so her name was Willow. "Greetings Willow, nice to meet you, I am Fenrir." he said with his deep voice. The fact that she wasnt even looking at them as she spoke to us, made him quite angry but he was hungry and thought of something else. "Alright Aurora, you got a plan? Just speak it out, I think we all getting a bit hungry." He added, turning to the leader-ish fae.

Chaos perked his ears up as the stranger that he saw rolling around, began to walk closer. She was much smaller than him, but a bit bigger than Ominous. She didn't make eye contact with the group, he smiled and looked at his sister beside him. Ominous is usually the same way meeting many new wolves at once, but Chaos was there when she showed up. "Hello, the name's Chaos." Chaos' voice sounded distant as he gazed at the new comer, observing each feature. Such as her folded receptor. 'Huh, why is it folded? oh... it's torn, maybe this little fae didn't have the best past... seems like none of us had a good past whatsoever.' The copper brute thought of his and Ominous' history, then he gazed at the others, wondering what happened to them. Suddenly his audits sunk low as his stomach growled. He shook his frame and lowered himself, his tail wagging, ready for the cammands. "We're ready when you are, Chief" He said to Aurora with a swift smile and wink.

Willow bowed her head to the wolves before her, she looked up and glanced at each one once more. She took note of where each was seated, She then heard Aurora say hunting. The small multi-brown speckled dame was excited. She sat up a bit taller, and spoke confidently. Although her optics still shifting from the ground to the group. "Wonderful to meet you all, and hunting sounds wonderous."  Willow licked her jowls, and stretched her digits. Her piercing talons making marks in the dirt. She made eye contact with the large female. Willow smiled, she loved hunting, it was maybe the thing she was best at. Her caramel tail swayed once more, and she wondered over between Aurora and Ominous. Taking a seat between the two, the males were much larger than her, it made Willow unsure.

'Chief? Alright then...' The golden-ish and silver wolf thought, then took a breath. "The plan so far is that one of us herds one of the beasts back to the rest of us, where we'll be waiting to surround it, and end it. Like an ambush" Aurora said, pointing to the diagram in the dirt and grass made of stones and twigs. "We just need someone with good enough stamina and speed..." She continued explaining, then looked at the group and studied their builds. "It's either going to be Willow, Ember, Ominous, or myself" Aurora listed those who seemed fit for the job. She just listed herself because she didn't have too bad of speed nor stamina, that she knew of at least...

Ominous shut her eyes and nodded swiftly to Aurora, if she was chosen to herd it, she'd be ready to bound. The small agile female braced her frame ready to charge, whether it be to herd or ambush. She looked at the best, then glanced once more at Aurora. "It's your call, Aurora. This is your land, you have the right to decide." The braced she-wolf was ready to sink her ivories into a fresh meal.

Vertrou nodded in agreement to Ominous. He sat patiently waiting for Aurora's instructions. He could feel his stomach beginning to swirl and his heart pounding as the plan was coming to a fold. He licked his lips and thought of what the buffalo would taste like. Bitter yet sweat? Sour and crunchy? Tangy and rough? He was yet to find out.

Fenrir listened to the plan, it was good to try something else, in his whole life he hunted alone but he didnt care because most times it was successful. But Aurora was right, Fenrir is no wolf of chasing, the bison would probably outrun him. One good precise jump with his whole weight and strength would knock the bison over but only if the bison would be near enough and if it isnt the biggest on earth. He nodded at Aurora and added "sounds good, ready when you are."

Aurora looked at the bunch, then Ember. He seemed in his own world, Aurora looked at Ominous, she was already getting ready. "Ominous, you herd it towards us, we'll be hiding just over there." Aurora said then tilted her head to the thick shrubs just behind the 'clan' then started over to the greenery, giving one last look behind her to check if the others were following and if Ominous had taken off. Others would've chosen someone who had more speed and stamina, but Aurora had a feeling about Ominous, she didn't really know if it was good or bad though.
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