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PostSubject: Copyrights   Copyrights EmptyTue Aug 20, 2013 10:51 am

Please respect everything that you see or find on here. Do not just copy or take something from here, such as an idea, details, texts or writings, images, etcetera. You are welcome to ask an Dominant if you can use or copy something from here, and we may either agree, but you will have to include credit directed to us, or we may decline, and you will not be allowed to copy or use anything from here.

Please keep in mind that not everything around here is exactly yours. Such as images, texts, ideas, etcetera. For example, if you are using an image from the internet that you do not own, and you edited it, it is still not right to claim it for your own. You must provide some type of credit for the original owner so that the site and you can avoid trouble. Thanks!

This guide was written by Genesis and is (©) copyrighted to it's creator. Do not recreate or copy.
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