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PostSubject: How To Earn Blood Drops   How To Earn Blood Drops EmptyFri Jun 12, 2015 7:34 am

Blood Drops are the currency to the pack. A Blood Drop is a small tear-drop-shaped ruby and prized highly by all inhabitants of The Valley. No one really knows where they come from, some saying that there was once a human mine or trade route around here. Others say that the mysterious elderly black wolf that lives on Mulberry Hill makes them, but no one is quite sure. All they know is that they are valuable and good items of trade to buy more useful things.

Blood Drops can be earned in several different ways, varying from difficulty, speed and how much it give you for your troubles. Other than being hired for jobs by other members or by selling your own artwork, listed below are most of the ways you can earn Blood Drops.

Enter Contests and Events:
This is a good way to earn Blood Drops and other prizes that you may not be able to earn in any other way, but not always reliable: You are not always going to win a contests, although it's worthwhile just entering for fun!

Collecting and Trading:
A not very easy or reliable, but fun and challenging way to get some dough, and well rewarded and worthwhile. Completing Quests and Missions will give you a ton of Blood Drops as well as Skill Points and other rewards, although will take time to complete as well as many challenge along the way. Adventuring is also a very profitable way of getting some loot, but is also extremely dangerous. You can get a ton more of booty just from snooping around temples, ruins and unexplored areas but you could easily die or get critically wounded. It is a good idea to bring along a friend with a lot of Combat or Healing Skill, or someone that just generally knows what they're doing.

You can trade and sell your treasure for more Blood Drops. You will get more for your prize by waiting until it has gone out of stock or if it is in particular demand. A savvy trader can earn a good deal just by waiting until the Markets update every month before selling their goods.

Gifts are given when you become an Official Member, find a mate, adopt an orphan or have a litter pups. A very odd way of earning currency, but fairly rewarding nonetheless. You get about 100 for each of these events, about 50 per pup born in your litter.

Posting and Making Friends:
It sounds a little odd, but for every friend you make you will receive 5 Blood Drops, and for every post in the RP you will also receive a Blood Drop, as well as welcoming new members in Introductions. Being active and friendly is not only a reward in itself!

Help Advertise Distant Bloods Pack!:
This is a simple, reliable way to earn Blood Drops, beneficial for all parties. You get the Blood Drops, the pack gets the free advertising, and the site will also earn advertising as anyone who searches the pack, their own may also pop up on Google. Don't forget to let us know where and when you advertised!

    Our Forum Signatures: 35 Blood Drops per week
    Signatures for forums and sites that allow image tags. Send us a link to your profile on said site and let us know the day you first put on the signature and the day you take it off.
  • How To Earn Blood Drops B8tpav

    Our WolfQuest Signatures: 25 Blood Drops per week
    For WolfQuest and other sites that do not allow image tags. For other Forumotion forums, simply change the size of the letters to 10. Don't forget to send us a link to your profile the day you first put it on, and let us know when you have finished.
    NAME proud to be a RANK
    [center][color=#990000]≖[/color] [url=http://www.wolfquest.org/bb/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=72311][color=#FFFFFF]D[size=85]ISTANT[/size] B[size=85]LOODS [/size]P[size=85]ACK[/size][/color][/url] [color=#880000]≖[/color]
    [size=80] NAME [/size] [color=#990000][font=Fantasy]proud to be a[/color][/font] [size=80] RANK [/size][/center]

    Avatars: 50 Blood Drops per week (Including custom-made ones with the logo on it)
    Avatars, ranging from 80x80 to 120x120 for most forums, including WolfQuest and other RP sites. Please send us a link to your profile on the site you advertise on as well as the dates of when you started and when you finished wearing said avatar.
  • How To Earn Blood Drops 23lckkw

    Our WolfQuest Advertisement: 35 Blood Drops per advertisement
    WolfQuest has two topics in which you can advertise the pack, once per page I hastily add. You can post an advertisement either here or here. Link us with the page you advertised on and you will receive your reward.
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    Our General Site Advertisement Threads: 55 Blood Drops per advertisement
    We have three advertisements, one for sites that allow HTML, one for image tags, and one that is just basic BBCode. Don't forget to link us to the site that you advertised on!
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How To Earn Blood Drops
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