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 The Territory's History

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PostSubject: The Territory's History   The Territory's History EmptyTue Aug 13, 2013 12:47 pm

The Territory's History

Two thousand years ago, in a plain, lifeless desert in the middle of Canada where no life dwelled, and far from human kind, a storm ranged overhead of the dark blue sky. Lightning stroke the earth, heaving rain poured down on the sand, and mists formed over the land. No one knew what was happening in the core of the desert at the time, but a large oasis formed and spread over the desert.

This storm continued for months on end, and the day it finally passed it bared a jungle of life. Ferns as big as elephants, trees taller than dinosaurs, mushrooms bigger than wolves, lakes that seemed to go on like oceans, and rainforests that stretched bigger than Yellowstone National Park! Animals soon moved in from surrounding areas, and even a few evolved to be the animals we know today.

But with every storm, every drought, every huge migration, raging fires burnt much of the grand jungle. These large cleared spaces, fertilized by the ashes, remains of the life that once lived here, gave room for the pine forests to move in. Soon, with every dead jungle tree, came a new boreal tree. And thus, made the land we know as the territory of Distant Bloods Pack.

New animals had arrived by then, but still no humans nor wolves. Small coyotes had already made home here, along with foxes and large herds of prey, such as elk. Hills, lakes, clearings, caves, and much more had formed in the area, giving shape to the place.

More and more years had passed, wolves had finally come closer to the area, but nothing dared cross the large canyon that split them from the eden, nor the forbidden forest home to many rouges. Prey now overpopulated the land, without any large pack predators.

The surrounding land had been going by it's own rules, along with the rest of the globe and many canids in the surrounding area. There were many dispersal wolves at the time, too.

Finally, a large, elder, grey male wolf dragged a young, timber female and left her out in the emerald, damp fields that many bison, elk, and white tailed deer live. When she awoke, she claimed the land as her own. Apparently, wolves in the surrounding area heard her howl, and came to investigate what she was doing out there. Here, she formed a pack with herself as the alpha, or 'Dominant.' The pack ruled that territory for a long, long while, too. The land finally came into balance!
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The Territory's History
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